This will be an ongoing project but here goes:

Do you want to read MORE QUESTIONS from my readers? Here are my FAQs Part II.

What about when KIDS ask me Questions?!

Do you even know my story!?

  1. How long have you been in “that thing”? (“that thing” would be my WHEELCHAIR if my blog didn’t give it away)I have been paralyzed since September 12, 1999. It was my first fall semester at college. I say first FALL because I also took a class over the summer. Yea, I’m a dork. Whatever.
  2. Is it….permanent? (because you know my uncle’s cousin’s daughter’s sister’s friend’s mom’s husband was paralyzed but he’s walking now OH! and let’s not forget my quack friend that’s a minister healer on network television, he can totally make you walk again, I PINKY swear!) Yes, my injury is permanent and no I do not believe prayer will suddenly heal me and no the doctor’s can’t “fix” it. They did what they could to SAVE my life and ensure I would live a HAPPY healthy mostly normal life.
  3. Why are you in “that thing”? (again, yes people call it a thing, but it really is a wheelchair, I promise)
    Well, after seeing a few clips by Teal Sherer I thought I’d spice things up a bit.   “I was wearing 6″ heels and walking on my sub, when all of a sudden…….” Ok. Not really. Really, people!? I was 18. You think I’d have a sub?! I’d never be allowed to be a dom. Really. Do you know nothing?! Real answer: I was paralyzed in a car wreck and I am now what is considered a L1,2 paraplegic. (L=Lumbar/lower back)
  4. But you have such a good attitude……Well…I’d rather be HAPPY then feel sorry for myself. Only I can make me happy and I have to live with what I have. It can’t be changed so why be miserable when I can be just as happy if not HAPPIER than the next person?
  5. Where does the feeling stop? (in other words I am too embarrassed to ask you if you can feel it when you have sex or have to pee or poop)
    The answer is that my feeling fades from the belly button down. You can use your imagination and guess how much of what you want to ask I can feel and how much of it I can’t and so forth and so on.
  6. So I think I  know why this next one is one of the most popular searches that leads you crazy people to my blog. YES, I CAN SEE why you come here. Usually. Unless, of course, you are my dedicated slaves and subscribe. How do paralyzed people pee and poop ?? Gah, I totally forgot that was in question 5. Now I know. Mystery solved. Oh. You want an answer? I wiggle my pants down, transfer and sit. And wait. And wait. JUST LIKE YOU. Sometimes I read. Or tweet. (kidding. …  I would NEVER tweet on the toilet. I might check facebook though. Or upload a picture to instagram . . )
  7. Do you drive?
    Yes. My van has hand controls. My van does NOT have a cool lift. Those are crazy expensive and take up space in my van. I have too many kids for that waste of space! For now I am healhy and can break my chair down and put it in the passenger seat next to me. Or as of late I am breaking child labor laws and making my 7 year old put it behind the driver’s seat as one of his chores! I kid. I never MAKE him do it. I just bribe him to do it instead.
  8. Why don’t you use a power chair?
    Because, again, I am young and healthy and do not need one. Plus they are HUGE. My chair in TEENY TINY and fits almost anywhere. I would be way to limited with something that big. Besides, my kids like to “push” me and couldn’t if I had a power chair … maybe when I’m 50?
  9. Did you conceive naturally?If by naturally you mean the “old fashioned” way yes. I had lots of crazy monkey sex with my husband, all over the place. on the floor, in the bed …… oh. Sorry. You didn’t want THAT many details. Right!? In all seriousness, this was ACTUALLY the first questions I had for my doctors. Can I still have children? They assured me that in most cases, YES, women who are paralyzed can still conceive. I just had to wait and see if I got my period back. I did. Obviously. Well, at least 3 times. So far.
  10. Did you deliver vaginally? No. I delivered via Cesarean section. I know there are paralyzed women who have successfully delivered naturally and I desperately wanted to be one of them. HOWEVER, my doctor and I were worried that with the placement of the rods in my spine I may not be able to bare down all the way and push a baby out. I could labor for HOURS and not be able to do it and in the end need a C-section. So we decided I would go in rested and prepared. I have NO regrets.
  11. Are you done?! Having kids?! Are you going to try for a girl?! I dunno. Maybe. It won’t be for a girl though. It’ll be for a baby.
  12. How do you bathe? Dress? – I have a shower bench I sit on and shower just like anyone else that’s paralyzed. If I want a bath I get the full princess treatment and DH lowers me in and raises me back out of the tub. Dressing? Sometimes on the bed but usually in my chair with LOTS of wiggling and moving side to side to get pants on. If you are ever out with me and I take FOREVER in the bathroom. THAT IS WHY. It’s not because I’m pooping. I swear. Getting my pants up takes about 1-4 minutes depending on fabric and fit.
  13. How do you do chores? oooh you mean like housework? I hire someone. .  . somtimes. In my dreams. Yeah. No. I just do it. You’d have to come and watch. I USUALLY try and make Charlie do the floors. . . I think we are going to hire a maid to come once a week. Someday. Oh and this vacuum is a lifesaver.
  14. Do you ever feel sorry for yourself? I think IT FREAKING SUCKS. I don’t feel sorry for myself any more than you feel sorry for YOURSELF….and you do from time to time, am I correct? Oh, wait. You don’t? Oh. Ok. Neither do I.
  15. If I see you somewhere should I help you or not? I dunno, ask me. I promise I PROBABLY won’t roll over your toes. If I say NO, believe me. OOOH and NEVER EVER jerk a door out of my hands. EVER! ! !! ! Ask me if I want help. DO NOT EVER jerk a door out of my hand. I do not know how many times I have almost fallen out of my chair because someone jerked a door out of my hands….and do not RUN ahead of me to move things, unless you have asked and I say yes please or I ask.   It slows me down. I am EXPERT and gauging if I will fit somewhere so don’t block me. Please.
  16. what other medical complications do you have because of the paralysis? I USED to have rods on either side of my spine. They often caused pain, but THEY BROKE and may or may not have caused a horrible infection in my spine that I had treated in early 2012. WE also had to remove the rods, which is how we found the nasty thing. That lead to weeks of misery, I got to shoot up twice a day though. . . with antibiotics. In a PICC line. That was boat loads of fun, even a year later! I can also easily get a pressure sore (bed sore) and my bladder often just up and decides to have a mind of it’s own. I can’t feel it ya know.
  17. How did you meet “the man”? We met online. I lived in Shiner. He loves Shiner beer. You do the math.
  18. Oh, how nice that he’d date and marry you anyways.( you know you ARE in a wheelchair, after all…. he’d have to pretty special to deal with something like that.)  Did you REALLY just F-ing say that!?
  19. Did you finish college? Not yet. I went back in 2001. Developed a horrible pressure sore that put me in the hospital off and then on again for 4 months. Started planning a wedding, enjoying newly wed life and then getting pregnant. I am doing my dream job though. . . I plan to go back at some point. I either want to teach or be a medical student…I mean doctor. For now I will settle with being a Mommy, a teacher and a writer.
  20. Since you never lost conscienceness do you remember the pain when it happened? Yes.
  21. Do you excercise? I wheel my weight around all day, every day and load my chair in and out of the van multiple times a day (although will has been helping me with that) and I lift my body to the bed, couch and toilet many times a day as well. I also have a toddler. .. but no. No REAL exercise. I have asthma. LOL
  22. Do you still go to therapy? Nope.
  23. You say you can’t FEEL. Does that mean you can’t have sex? I can have sex and do. I have 2 3 kids, remember?



  1. Jessica Boehm says:

    Wow! you are amazing! Ilaughed the whole way through and will be sharing your page with a friend of mine who was paralyzed earlier this month, he will love it! You are an insiration, and I love love love your great attitude :) my friend will be happy to read this, as he is in pretty good spirits as well!

  2. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog in a fashion linkup from another site. Your story is so inspiring and I love your attitude AND fashion sense! Keep up the great work!

  3. I found your blog Googling Link up parties. Oh my dear, this was comical. I died laughing at the monkey sex! You’re too cute for words. And kudos, I met my honey online. Not intentionally, but I sure am glad I was on bed rest at that time. He’s amazing!

    Stephanie McDonnell´s last blog post ..20 favorite free photoshop actions

  4. I freakin’ love you. I laughed out loud and may have thrown in a few AMENs as I was reading.
    My mom is upset that I’m fat AND in a wheelchair…how will I ever find a man?!

  5. I just found your blog and really enjoy it. I’m not a mommy but am a wheelchair user and had a question. I recently got downsized and had been working from home, but an opportunity came up to go out to work. What’s stopping me? I can’t figure out how to get re-dressed after using the bathroom. I can’t stand, either, and that’s what has me stumped. Any tips?

  6. I love your attitude. My PT is ordering my wheelchair this week. I have spastic paraplegia and I’m rapidly losing the ability to use my legs. I go for my evaluation for hand controls in my car next week. I’m kind of excited about the new toys even though it sucks. I’ll make sure to keep checking in. I definitely need to go shopping!

  7. luis marquez says:

    im on a wheelchair since 1998 due to a gun shot wound. I enjoyed reading about you, it had me laughing cus that is what most people ask me all the time and its good to read that someone else goes through the same stuff as well. Thank you for sharing!
    you could check my stand up vid in youtube luis marquez comedy i dont wanna post a link so it wont look like im spaming

    i luv your website. stay Up :)

  8. I laughed at several points in this. I just got my wheelchair and am dreading going out in public with it. And if you want to hear some rude questions, go out with a service dog. Holy cow, the things people say and do when they see a service dog. It raises rude to a whole new level. Keep up the good work!

  9. Priscilla,
    You are very inspiring, but I’m sure you hear that all the time. You are a very lovely, young woman who is full of life and optimism. I was very impressed with your post, honest, candid, and funny. Keep writing because you definitely are very good at it. I will come back to see any future posts that you may have. Thanks for your post!
    The Funster´s last blog post ..Angry Birds Air Swimmers Review!

  10. OMG you are freaking hilarious! Life throws us some crazy curveballs, I hope I am able to handle any curves with as much grace, positivity and hilariousness (yes that’s a word) as you do! I will definitely be following your amazing blog!
    Keitha The Bajan Texan´s last blog post ..Using Ribbon to Decorate Candles

  11. If you were offered some miracle device or surgery that could restore your ability to walk, even temporarily, would you take it? Or would that feel too much like cheating/selling out?
    Jonathan M. Sweet´s last blog post ..She-Huk v. Angela

    • Priscilla says:

      That would depend… What are the risks? How long is the recovery? :)

      • Well, did you ever see the TV show M.A.N.T.I.S? A paraplegic scientist builds himself a robotic exoskeleton that allows him to walk by electrically stimulating his muscles. The suit also grants him amazing strength which he uses to fight crime in his city, but prolonged use is shown to causes further damage to his body’s nerves.

        Then there’s the new Batgirl comic book, in which Barbara Gordon, who was left paralyzed by a bullet for many years, is able to walk again after experimental surgery…but suffers from PTSD and a sort of “survivor’s guilt” . Some disability advocates have shown disapproval over this new imagining of the character.

        These are fanciful examples, of course, but as a writer myself I’d appreciate some perspective from someone who knows the score.
        Jonathan M. Sweet´s last blog post ..She-Huk v. Angela

  12. I love your answers. Your bluntness, your everything. Reminded me of a while ago. I was in a wheelchair, the doctors had told me and my parents I’d never walk again. I was sitting in said “thing” in the zoo, watching monkeys eat. Some older couple walked past me, stopped behind me, and the wife whispered, “Look, a shame, isn’t it, she looks so smart and yet is so disabled. The poor thing, having to sit in that thing!”
    I turned around in my thing and said, “Don’t worry, it’s okay. The thing actually helps me get around.”
    She blushed, again turned to her husband and said, “Well, how was I supposed to know she can speak!”

    Honestly, Priscilla, you are an inspiration; I used to live in San Antonio and I still LOVE Shiner. I wish we’d met in person when I was still “over there”!

  13. Hi Priscilla, Love your Blog, love your attitude and the way you see your ‘disability’. Because of your positive outlook on life I would like to ask you a question, but first, permit me to explain why? I am a Fine Artist living in Nottinghamshire (Robin Hood country) in the UK. For many years I had friends in wheelchairs whom I have sadly lost, due to their illnesses and I remember how they were “limited” to what they could and could not do. I am currently researching these kinds of limitations and intend to produce a body of figurative work, mainly sculpture highlighting the fact that paraplegia need not hamper one’s dreams. My first concept relating to this revolves around the image of a little ballerina girl performing on prosthetic legs, so I think this gives you an idea as to how I would like to progress with this theme further. As I said before,because of your positive attitude, I wondered if there were any ‘things’ that you could think of that people in wheelchairs/amputees? would have difficultyin doing? (apart from the obvious). Do you know people who have, or have had dreams of doing something, but their incapability prevents it? I would dedicate my work to people such as yourself and to the friends I once had. I look forward to any reply you may have for me. houldcroft@hotmail.co.uk. Kindest regards. Albert.

  14. This was literally the best FAQ’s I’ve ever read in my whole entire life. I don’t know if you found my blog or I found yours but I’m so happy either way! This kept me laughing the whole time.
    Madaline´s last blog post ..Southern Shorts

  15. Lena Holmes says:

    I found your blog while I was googling “Wheelchair- how to get him to hold my hand”. I’ve been in a wheelchair for 3 years now due to Spastic Cerebral Palsy. My best friend, also a wheelchair user, and I get #18 all the time and it sucks! This is an amazing blog however, even though I don’t have children. You’re awesome!

  16. I love your openness about your life! It inspires me to live out loud, and honestly with my own family situation.

  17. Hello there! Would you mind if I share your blog with my twitter
    group? There’s a lot of folks that I think would really enjoy your content.
    Please let me know. Thanks
    Terrie´s last blog post ..Terrie

  18. I found your website while trying to find tips on cleaning up my in-training mobility service dog’s poop when I’m out by myself.

    I’m also a wheelchair using mama of “more than the average” number of children – I have 4 sons ages almost 2 to 10 years old. My 10 year old really enjoys assembling my new manual wheelchair but since I don’t homeschool that help is only available slightly more often than my husband’s availability. I’ve been a mobility scooter user since 2009 but just got a manual wheelchair in hops of increasing my independence, I can’t get the scooter in/out of my van on my own but I’m struggling to do that with my manual chair also, threw my back out trying. The mobility scooter has a parenting-small-ones advantage of being faster than I’m capable of self-propelling as well as keeping one hand free (only need one hand to power/steer the thing) but I’ve also inadvertently run over my kids’ feet so many times when they don’t notice I’m backing up that I hate taking it to places where there are a lot of other kids – plus the maneuverability of a manual wheelchair is far superior in tight spaces. My scooter’s turning radius is greater than 40 inches, which makes even navigating many clothing shopping venues problematic.

    I’m not paralyzed or an amputee, I have hypermobility syndrome and my major joints slip out of place very easily and painfully, particularly my kneecaps and pelvis. Oh my goodness the pity and paternalism I have to deal with just to go to get some pool time at the YMCA sometimes is enough to make me want to scream. And of course, since I only have sons I get the “are you going to try for a girl” or “are you disappointed you didn’t get a girl” question coupled with the astonishment that I have “so many” children. I get snarky about it sometimes – my current favorite response is that I’m breeding my future sedan chair bearers. Yes, I do want one more child, but that’s because I want five children, not because I have my hopes pinned entirely on having “the girl” – though I do joke that having four boys first was Mother Nature’s way of trying to convince my husband to have the fifth kid I want. I’ve been in pain every day of my life since I was 10 years old, the only regrets I have are waiting so long to make the realistic and logical physical adaptions to my disability. For instance, I didn’t get a handicap placard until after I finished my BA and didn’t get the mobility scooter until I started graduate school, and both have so dramatically increased what I’m able to get accomplished with the amount of energy my pain-disrupted sleep and slippy joints allow me to have. I finished my MA (in Sociology, primary focus is family development/socialization processes but with quite a bit of medical sociology in the mix) in May 2013, with my not-quite-six-month-old 4th child exclusively breastfeeding through my last semester.

    I’ve been getting nudged for a while to write a quasi-advice book on parenting with disabilities. I would love to include your voice & experiences in this endeavor.

    • Priscilla says:

      Hi Ahmie! I’m laughing at your nature’s way comment! :) I would love to contribute to your book!

      • I saw an email to contact you somewhere, I’ll send an email to make contact regarding the book – it’s in very preliminary stages right now. It looks like you’ve got some other regulars on here that are disabled parents, I would be happy to have as many voices of experience as possible.

        Oh, and I love your profile picture! :)

  19. Hi, I am writing a book about a paralyzed girl and your site really helped me understand what actually happens when you are in a wheelchair for the rest of your life! I think you are amazing and I love your story!

  20. I am so glad I stumbled across your website! I am a t-10 paraplegic have so many questions but there isn’t as much information on women with spinal cord injury as there is men. I was hit by a car at age 3 in 1983 and it has been some journey! Would love to pick your brain and ask more questions at a later time. Thank you so much for sharing! I think you are Amazing!

    • Priscilla says:

      Hi Lorraine!

      If you like my FB page you can chat with me there. It is very similar to chatting with a FB friend on messenger.

  21. HI! I’m really glad I ran into your site. My fiancé is also paralyzed (T3 break) and he’s been looking for good information on how others go about their day with the known(and unknown) limitations.
    You’re pretty great to make up a page and share experiences and just the person you are with people online. Pretty sweet!

  22. Honestly, I have read your blog for a while now and only just stumbled across this page! You are amazing :)
    Rowan´s last blog post ..“My Mug and I” with Leah!

  23. Anneke Scholten says:

    Hi, I love your humor. I use it all the time. It’s the best way of coping with whatever you deal with. (I have MS) I came across your site because I was looking for wheelchair suitable fashion. But your FAQ’s have made my day :) well next to some other fun things such as our huge cat that’s snoring so loud I can’t hear myself typing :)
    Greetings from Calgary

  24. What an amazing person you are, your personality really shines through in your blog
    Carolyn´s last blog post ..Access Ramps Specifications for your Public Access Building


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