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Everyone is always asking about our wedding so here are some Digital Layouts I did of our wedding. Everything is with Jofia Designs stuff.

This page is “Our Story”. You will have to click to enlarge so you can read it or scroll all the way down, past the pictures.

Here are a few pictures from the day :).

two thousand and two
We’re Going to the Chapel, and we’re going to get married….” Our Wedding was spectacular!! We had intended to fly in a helicopter over the Canadian
and the American Falls (Niagara).That fell through and we were really disappointed! The Falls Wedding Chapel then showed us “Winter Garden”.
Things didn’t turn out so bad after all. (We still wanted the helicopter though!!!)

We left early Thursday (it was still dark out!) and got to Chicago with 2 hours to kill!!  So we had McDonalds and picked up a mug in the gift shop (
Charlie collects coffee mugs). We got on the plane to Buffalo and everything went great, when our plan touched down we got our bags, picked up our
car and headed to our B&B!! The snow was gorgeous!!! We were REALLY exhausted by the time we checked in and they showed us to our GORGEOUS
ROOM!!! Let me tell you!! The pics DO NOT do that place justice!! If you are ever in Niagara Falls and want to stay on the US side STAY at
THE RED COACH INN!!!!!! Our fridge had a fruit and cereal breakfast, milk, juice, crackers, cheese and champagne waiting for us!!
We intended to go out for dinner but ordered pizza instead!  YES we are nuts!!  We took nice hot bathes and were asleep by 9 pm EST.

Friday was quite eventful!! We went down to Main Street and around 11:00 a.m. and picked up our marriage license.  We didn’t have to be in Buffalo
until after 6p.m. to get my MOH, Shawn, so we decided to go over the border and shop!!!! Shop we did!! We got lots of goodies at a store along the Falls
and even went to St. Catherine’s, which is about 15 miles away! They have a mall there called the Penn Centre. I wasn’t too impressed, but it was
pretty big. We had lunch there, and then went to Tim Horton’s and got coffee, it was so COLD outside!!! Anyways we headed to Buffalo and stopped
at a nail salon so I could get my nails touched up for the big day!! They weren’t looking too great, and I wanted everything to be just perfect.
We also stopped at Wal-Mart before heading to Shawn’s hotel! Timing couldn’t have been better!! We were waiting at the last light before the hotel
when Shawn called and said she was waiting for the shuttle!! We got to her hotel about 10 minutes before she did! She checked in, gave me my dress
and headed to Canada for Dinner in the SKYLON TOWER!! TALK ABOUT A VIEW!!!!!!!!!! WOW!! The food was GREAT, the service excellent!!! After
that we went up to the observation deck (I have never been so cold in my entire LIFE!!) That was quite a site! We were able to get some really good
pictures out of that! I think it was close to midnight so we all needed sleep! We dropped Shawn off at her hotel and came back for sleep before the

We woke up early and headed into buffalo to pick up Shawn. She was waiting at the Cracker Barrel with a HUGE breakfast…(I had to be careful of
what I ate so I could fit in my dress! (lol) After we ate to our hearts content we headed into Niagara Falls and at noon my Canadian friend Mike was
waiting with his mom, er mum .We all went into our room, said hellos and hugs and found out thre was gonna be a problem.  The cloud coverage was to bad
and they didnt think the helicopter was going to fly .After we switched rooms without seeing each other the phone rang. We werent flying. However
,we were gonna try and make it great!! When we got to the chapel we werent too happy since Charlie and Mike saw helicopters flying after the chapel
said they couldn’t..different country…Canada flew higher and that wasn’t who we were going to use. Well we didnt want to get married Vegas style
and they wouldnt go outside!! They showed us this place called THE WINTER GARDEN next to a Rainbow Centre (outlet mall…..the mall was closed
for renovations!!) We liked it!! They put the candlebra in the center, got the music and we figured out where it was gonna be!! Charlie carried me down
the “aisle” to the tiny island where we became husband and wife!!! We took pics and then headed over the border to the Canadian Falls…..
WAY TO COLD!!!!  Brrrrrrrrrrrr I did get my pics in the snow with NO jacket!!! YES I AM NUTS!!!!!!

Dinner Story!
After we left the falls we went back to the US and our B&B……..they also have a lovely restaurant!! We had our own private room. We ordered
champagne, and Shawn set up our cake table! We then ordered YUMMY appetizers (some award winning cocunut shrimp, and something esle). Our
appetizers were Feta Cheese stuffed Shrimp wrapped in Bacon with Tomato Coulis and the cocunut one isn’t listed but they got an award for it!
I refuse to admit what I ate!! (lol) – AFter we ordered we did the toasting glass routine!! After a wonderful dinner we did the cake cutting!
Bad cake!! Charlie said he liked it and we even cut off a chunk of it for him to finish!!! We threw it away monday afternoon…..he never touched it


I can’t insert tags on a page but I wanted to add these to brides searching can possibly find my story.

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  1. Louise pilgrim says

    Hi Priscilla, I’ve stumbled across your blog whilst searching for ideas on the best type of wedding dress to make me look great on my big day whilst being in a wheelchair. I’m t10/12 and a size 10/12. I love your wedding dress and know that a slim fit will be best but don’t want it to bunch up at the front of the dress on my lap. Do you have any top tips? Was yours a two piece? Made to fit? Etc.. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Best wishes
    Louise x

  2. says

    Your dress is gorgeous! I am anxious to go wedding dress shopping (in the later future) with my boyfriend who is in a wheelchair! You two just look so adorable and happy :)

  3. Melissa Walker says

    Love reading your stuff I am also in a wheelchair with SMA 2 46 have 2 boys about to get married July 2015. Great stories you have.


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