Best Vacuum for wheelchair user

Hoover Linx Platinum cordless stick vacuum.


That was a mouthful.

Anyways. I highly recommend it to ALL wheelchair users and people that feel they need to vacuum many times a day because of a cat, dog or kid. Or people that make their kid do the work for them.


It is priced a bit high for being so small though and the battery doesn’t last for my entire hard floor house, but it’s over 2000 Sq.Ft. so that would be unreasonable. I now have a second battery and life is really good.

This review is entirely my own. Hoover doesn’t know me from Adam and they certainly never sent me a thank you when I bought it at Wal-Mart. If it ever dies, I do plan to replace it. I won’t let my emotions for it get in the way of bringing it’s clone into my home.

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