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The Daddy

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Well … That would be none other than Charlie. I suppose you can call him Charles if you feel so inclined. DO NOT call him Chuck.

He’s a GREAT husband, father, and provider but he has a dirty little secret. He’s in love with Scarlet.

Give the man the BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT! It’s a CAR! He’s only in love with one HUMAN. ME. I swear.

Oh, and he’s 30-something.


Will was born in December 2004.

J. Noel Photography

J. Noel Photography

He is 7 years old. COUNT ‘EM. SEVEN. How did that happen? Where did my first born baby go? He’s smart. Sometimes so smart it scares me. He loves legos, swimming (he can do the breast stroke, backstroke, freestyle & butterfly) and video games.

He is currently taking a break from Tae Kwon Do but is currently a brown belt with about a year to go before he is a black belt.

He is my BIG BIG helper. You should see this kid with Nathan. It’s awesome.

Lucas was born in May 2008.


J. Noel Photography

J. Noel Photography

He’s a little stinker and full of monkey shine. He’s not such a “peanut” anymore but we still call him that from time to time.

He follows his big brother all over the place. You should see his face light up when we pick his brother up from school.

His favorite things? Scooby Doo, Tom & jerry and Toy Story. Particularly Buzz and Woody.

He’s stubborn, although I have absolutely NO ideas where he gets THAT from. He’s loving, gentle and kind. He tells me he loves me many, many times every day and my heart just melts every time.

 “Nathan”iel Patrick was born June 2011.

J. Noel

J. Noel


Nathan is a sweet little boy. He’s always smiling and loves to eat. And Eat. And eat some more. He’s a nursing champ and his sleep is … well, it’s VERY inconsistent, but that is okay. I cherish these moments and know that they will pass far too quickly. I will some day miss them. . . for now I will just be tired on the days he decides to wake up for “ninnie”.


Throught the years I have posted “Willisms”, but now I will just post them here and under his name on our family blog.

This morning Will got in bed with us and wanted to snuggle with me. Awesome. I love snuggles; then he said,” Mommy, your breath smells like really, really old cereal bars.”

As Lucas gets older I will also post “Lucas Laughs”.



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  1. Robert Jones says

    You look lovely and it is amazing how well you do all these things as a paraplegic. Your family is very nice looking.

  2. jewell massey says

    The very very old cereal bars comment just jump started my day! I am a former Ms. Wheelchair America — have YOU ever thought about beginning at Ms. Wheelchair Texas? I was an MWA judge in Houston last year — think you have the goods!


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