antibiotics through a PICC line

I keep trying to hop on and post so I can keep everyone up to date with what is going on but I can’t find the time. How hard is it to pull out my laptop and write something? I have a sitter so if I want to pass the baby off I can, and I do. However, I usually want to sleep. Or lounge back and read. It’s going to be hard to give up this recliner when I’m all better, but I can’t keep it. It doesn’t match and there isn’t really a “spot” for it. In the attic it will go.

I thought I might do a quick fly by post. As many of you know my rods broke at the end of December (at least we think that’s when it happened) and when they took them out there was a crazy-serious infection (I’ll get into that on another post).

The infection is so bad that we only had a couple of choices and one of them meant no breastfeeding. The doctors knew me well enough by then that they didn’t even present it as an option. I fought tooth and nail to make sure I was on safe pain meds, I was not about to give up now.

So my PICC line stayed. Maybe it would have anyways but it was certain now. We would be administering IV antibiotics 3X a day for the next 5-6 weeks? I can’t remember how long. It’s just a long time.
Let’s not talk about how much this would cost if it weren’t for insurance. Let’s just say that we are VERY fortunate and we are paying $0 out of several thousand. JUST for the antibiotics.

So are you curious to see what a ONE WEEK. I REAPEAT A ONE WEEK supply of antibiotics looks like?

One Week Supply of Meds

We have an iphone down for comparison. The white syringe is just saline to flush the line before and after the meds. They yellow syringe is heprin to lock the line after meds and the funny ball things are the actual meds. We use lot of alcohol wipes to make sure that everything stays very clean. The end of that line is very close to my heart.

So 3x a day I hook up and then disconnect and lock. The boys love to help and it’s great to have them involved.

We absolutely love our nurse “Jake” at the clinic we go to. SO thanks for all the training, you are awesome.

My PICC line





  1. OK, that settles it. That candle is going back in service. Sheesh!

    Bless you, girl. Good vibes rushing your way!
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  2. PrincessJenn
    Twitter: PrincessJenn

    All I can think, seeing all that stuff is O.M.G!!
    I hope it helps and you’re feeling better soon.
    PrincessJenn´s last blog post ..Mr. Bean Makes Everything Better

  3. Just Flush with Saline after the antibiotics…My nurse did that for me for 4 months works great
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  4. DawnMarch says:

    Hi Priscilla, just stoppping by to see how you are doing. Glad to hear they figured out what was going on and that you are home! Wow, that’s a lot of antibiotics — I didn’t even realize that was an iphone until you mentioned it and then I had to go back and look again. Hope you are feeling better and can be done with all that soon!

  5. It’s hard when you are working and at the same is suffering with pain. Thanks to my pain reliever medicine and it really works for me.
    I hope you are still okay. Get well!
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