Living life with a purpose Planner Review

The sweet and beautiful Melissa Ringstaff from A Virtuous Woman, gifted me a copy of her 2015 planner in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

my life planner review

Everyone I know has a smart phone, so why use a paper & pen planner?! My husband is baffled that I don’t just put EVERYTHING in my phone. I do put quite a bit in there but there is something about paper and pen that you just don’t get with the old-fashioned methods.

I actually have THREE different planners. I have one for blogging and everyday life. I have one for school work. I write down what we DID do instead of what I want us to do. It’s a fantastic way to feel accomplished. Lastly I use my phone to record doctors appointments and any events I want to add to my everyday life planner when I’m out and about.

Oh wait. I have 4. I also use an editorial calendar to schedule post I’ve already started writing. Sometimes I forget to go back and finish said posts and you get a really strange post in your feed. Sorry about that.

I absolutely love Melissa’s planner. It’s just colorful enough that it’s pretty to look, but it’s not too busy. There is a 2-page month spread with enough space for me to jot down post ideas! I think my favorite part is the quote that accompanies every month.



Melissa also includes a chore list and extra planning sheets for holidays.

She also includes a weekly meal planner. The only thing I would change here would be a shopping list. I’d want the meal planning to be 1/2 the page and a shopping list on the other half. Does that make sense?!

It was simple to print the planner and I took it to my local office supply store and it took them 5 minutes and about $6 to spiral bind it for me. 


Stylish Gimp

Wednesday seems to sneak up on me every week. It really shouldn’t  because it’s kind of my favorite day of the week. I ADORE clothes and I get to show them off to you without feeling like a complete dork because at least half of you are doing the same thing.

It may sound like it should have been the least of my worries but one of my biggest fears after becoming paralyzed was that I would look frumpy and depressed. I love to show other women in chairs that we can look just as amazing as able bodied women. Sometimes even better. I’ve been to Wal-Mart. Scary stuff.

Anyways, this year has REALLY flown by. I won’t be posting a Stylish Gimp post next week but the last week of the year I will have a wrap up and post my Top 5 FAVORITE outfits from the past year, so you won’t want to miss that! 

There are so many amazing things in the pipeline for The Wheelchair Mommy in 2015 and I can’t wait to take every one of you along for the ride!

Oh and be sure to scroll ALL the way down. I have a video today. People ALWAYS ask how I put boots on my feet.

stylish gimpTop: Cabi // Cardigan & Jeans: Banana Republic // Shoes: Target

stylish gimpTop and Boots: Nordstrom // Cords: Gap

stylish gimpCardigan and necklace: Anthropologie // tank: tank // Blouse: CAbi // leggings: F21 // boots: online??

stylish gimp tank and necklace: Target // cardigan: Banana // Jeans: CAbi // Boots: Nordstrom

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Inspiring Mom Bloggers Summit

I like to write but if you know me you know I like to talk even more. In fact, as a child,  I was frequently called a jabber-box and told to shut up more times than I can count.

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed my header. (and if you don’t SHAME!!)

If not then I guess I should tell you that I was asked to be a part of the Virtual Inspiring Mom Bloggers Summit! Words can’t really tell you how excited I am about this but I am. I REALLY am, and I want YOU to be a part of it with me. Please don’t say no. It’s free and will only cost you a little time.

You may be wondering how this came about.

I attended Blog Elevated back in September and it was there that I decided I must venture into public speaking in 2015. The very next day I was approached by someone at a University about speaking to her students and the staff. Just a few weeks after I got home I was given an open invitation by the Mayor to speak at a Rotary meeting. How awesome its that? Life gives you amazing opportunities when you open yourself up to them. Now I have to take that giant leap and schedule these amazing speeches. But… There is always a but. I’m scared. I am more scared than I’ve even been in my life to do something. That’s saying a lot because I’ve jumped out of a PERFECTLY good airplane. THREE times.

I was also approached by my beautiful and talented friend Elayna, to “speak” at her VIRTUAL Inspiring Mom Bloggers summit. Elayna is a truly amazing woman with an incredible story. You should definitely get to know her. She’s not called The Positive Mom for nothing. The summit will be an amazing event and it will help me get my toes wet.  I won’t be LIVE and I won’t have to SEE my audience. I guess in some ways this may be more difficult. I’m not really sure. I guess we will see.

I am beyond  grateful that she asked ME to be a part of this. The lineup of women is incredible and I can’t believe I was included. We will all be talking about something terrible in our lives that we took and  turned into something wonderful. I think mine is obvious but I would still be honored and forever grateful if you would sign up to attend and listen in on the calls. Did I mention that it’s FREE?


Blacklane Review

I received free vouchers to cover my Blacklane rides, but the opinions are entirely my own and/or Charlie’s.


 If you follow me on social media you probably already know that I was able to use Blacklane for my anniversary dinner. It was such a fun experience and a well deserved treat for us. We’ve been married for TWELVE years and it seems like yesterday we were getting married. The officiant even said, “Dude you’re getting a WIFE!. Who knows where that comes from?!

We had completely different cars for each trip. The first was an SUV which was incredibly gorgeous and the return trip was a STRETCH limo. That was by far my favorite. There was absolute privacy. One would think we made out like teenagers but we did not. We were good and used our seat belts. Maybe we kissed a LITTLE.


I asked my husband if he would do all the booking because it would be a little romantic if we could pretend like it was actually FROM him. I played absolutely zero part in working with blacklane’s booking. I only worked with the PR guy behind the scenes. 

That being said, I will now turn the booking/business review portion of the post over to my darling husband. He was VERY thorough so you probably won’t have any questions, but if you do please feel free to ask! 

Blacklane made it very easy to book premium transportation. I went to, selected our starting address, destination and time. It auto completed as I typed and calculated the distance. I was a bit surprised that the site didn’t have any US localization. Everything was in kilometers, and the dates and times were in the European format.

I was presented with three classes of service, Business, Business Van/SUV, and first class. This was our anniversary date, so of course I selected first class. After I booked our trip to the restaurant, it gave me a link to book our return trip. At first I selected 22:00, remember the lack of localization, and noticed the return trip was a lot more expensive. I tried 21:00 (9pm) and the price was back to normal. Ultimately I found the lower price was still available at 21:55, so I booked our pickup for that time.

Once this was done, I looked at the prices from a competitor that advertised on Open Table. Blacklane was a better value for sure, and you don’t have to give them an email address to see their rates.

I got a call that evening. It was from the UK. The first driver to confirm one of my bookings noticed that my round trip was to a restaurant, but on different days! When I was experimenting with the times I had accidentally scheduled our pickup for the next day! The Blacklane representative couldn’t have been more professional and courteous and this was quickly sorted out.

Blacklane also provides booking for hourly limo transportation, but it would have been more expensive for our purpose, and didn’t match with the vouchers we were provided.

Our first Limo was actually an SUV instead of the first class option we booked. But it was an immaculate Chevy Tahoe with the top of the line interior. The driver arrive 30 minutes early and was very professional and waited patiently until we were ready. She took us to the restaurant via the toll roads so we didn’t waste any time.

We greatly enjoyed Three Forks and wondered around downtown afterwards for a bit. We made it back to to restaurant about 10 minutes before we supposed to be picked up. At about 9:50 a stretch limousine picked us up. We enjoyed the additional privacy provided by the partition. I later found from the limo owner that the 7 series BMW we were scheduled to be picked up in had been damaged in a parking lot accident a few days before. As such they upgraded us to the stretch. Unfortunately we left Priscilla’s side guards in the back of the limo. Of course we didn’t figure this out until the next day. I was able to figure out the local limo contact information from the drivers name in the logbook on the blacklane website. A quick phone call, and I went and picked them up a few hours later.

Given that most limo companies do not have automated online booking, Blacklane provides a very convenient way to book this service. I would use them again.

Lost Pines Christmas Swirl Wine Tour

I received 2 free tickets to the tour, but all opinions are entirely my own! I was NOT asked to write a blog post, but I had so much fun I couldn’t resist! 

My blogging friend, Joleen, has been talking about the Lost Pines Christmas Swirl – wine tour downtown Bastrop for a few weeks now. I didn’t think I would be able to go because the tour was from 5-9. My oldest son has TaeKwonDo-Hyper at 5:30. That would clearly be a bit of a conflict.

Yesteday, Joleen posted that the bloggers would be meeting at 7:30.


That would absolutely be doable, so I signed up and was told I could bring a +1. I texted a few friends but they were all busy or working. I later joked that I would be working too; sampling the wine was all part of the job! I know, it’s such difficult work. When I failed to find a lush wine drinking friend to join me I decided to search for a sitter and take my husband. That should have been my first thought anyways, right?! Ooops.

We were given cute little wine glasses for our samplings. While we didn’t have time to sample all 12 of the wineries, what we did try was amazing. We came home with two bottles. How could we resist?!

I can’t wait for next year’s Lost Pines Christmas Swirl. I want to arrive early, so I can sample more of this charming little town. I’ve been through it DOZENS of times and I’ve even shopped in local antiques stores around the area but I had no idea that they had this amazing town shops.

The wine tasting is only a tiny sampling of the festivities, so if you live nearby you may want to take a look at the schedule for this weekend. There will be ice skating, a choir concert and a parade just to name a few of the activities. You can see the full schedule on Joleen’s blog.

I don’t truly have a favorite, but if you know me I LOVE to make light if my wheels and I can’t get enough GIMP humor, SO I will go ahead and admit that my favorite was probably Cripple Creek. 


Sweater Tag Vlog

I know I say this EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I post a VLog, but it’s true. I REALLY want to start Vlogging more. I love it. Even when the boys are jumping in my face and interrupting. It’s so real and I think it’s key to REALLY getting to know the person behind the blog.

Kate B. From Mama’s Losin’ It hosts a weekly Vlogging workshop and gives 4-5 prompts. This week I picked the Sweater Tag. Tags are a list of questions other bloggers answer and post. It’s a quick and easy VLog idea and it gives you an easy – no fail vlog to add to your collection.

Here is where I found my questions.

Stylish Gimp: anniversary week


This was a good week. I was finally feeling inspired when I gave up the 333 challenge.

That seems a bit strange. The capsule challenge was supposed to inspire and challenge me and I felt like my hands were tied and my choices were limited. Maybe it’s because I didn’t get rid of everything else, but that’s not really practical.

I will consider future – SHORTER challenges. So here aremy late stet Stylish Gimp goodies.

Sunday was also my anniversary week, so I was able to get dolled up. What girl doesn’t love that?

BWkissyRed Dress: Ross // Boots: Rack Room // Tights and clutch: Ann Taylor Loft // Necklace: Target
webphoto 4

Top: CAbi // Cords: Old Navy // Boots: Coach (Nordstrom) // necklace: Maurices // purse: Ross

Dress: Lilly Pulitzer // Scarf: Gift ?? // Boots: coach (nordstrom) 


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William is A DECADE???

My firstborn is TEN today.

I know it’s totally cliche but it seems like just yesterday that I got my big positive, and a few days later took a digital test so I could see that word: PREGNANT! I was going to be a mommy.

My baby at 10 months old.

My baby at 10 months old.


Now I have 3 boys; 3 loud darling boys that made me Mommy.

William is in many ways the stereotypical oldest child. He’s incredibly smart. We tell him weekly, maybe daily that he will make a fantastic lawyer. He’s incredibly emotional at times and he hates to be wrong. He’s usually a fantastic big brother, but he’s definitely hitting his tweens, and finding his little brothers more pesky and annoying every day.

Here is my baby boy last night, his last night in single digits!