Project 333: The Stylish Gimp


I clean out my closet regularly and I have plenty of room to spare, so I'm not looking to minimize out of need. I've reached a point where most of my favorite pieces are my pricier pieces. The pieces I cringed at buying but when I look back, cost per wear is extremely low and they all work … [Read more...]

keep kids from deleting apps


 A while back, I was scrolling through Facebook and a friend was frantic - her daughter had deleted her apps. She was wishing that there was anyway to keep kids from deleting apps. My kids play on my phone from time to time, and surely yours do too. Surely your kids have deleted an app or 3. I … [Read more...]

Project 52: Weeks 25-40


I really wanted to be consistant with this project but feel like I’ve failed. We decided to move. We had to finish every little project we had put off and get our house ready for the rental market. We were also about to enter into being a landlord. We finally moved into the new house just 1 weeks … [Read more...]

Share the Love: Audrey


It's share the love time again! I am really excited to bring you today's feature. I met her at Blog Elevated and she has a powerful and amazing story.    Today I bring you Audrey Michel from ReWired Life. She has gracefully and beautifully turned her pain and recovery into a way … [Read more...]

Boston Tea Party Craft


I really struggle with school work for Lucas. He is not reading yet and it's not that he doesn't want to, at least not entirely, but he's just struggling with it so much. That being said, I try to keep things simple and fun when I can. You may remember that we are doing Classical … [Read more...]

I love instacart


I do NOT have a Meal Plan Monday today. We ate at the majority of last week. Life is incredibly overwhelming, trying to figure out our schedule. A few weeks ago my friend Alice told me about a grocery delivery service she used when she first moved to town. She didn't know where the groceries … [Read more...]

Blogelevated: Speak to me


I went to Blogelevated hoping to meet bloggers (and I did) and hoping to connect with brands, (OOOOH how I did!) but I did not expect to go to Blogelevated and walk, err ROLL away, knowing exactly what my mission will be over the next 12 months. When I was first paralyzed, I planned to write a … [Read more...]