My second visit with Rilee

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If you are a frequent reader of my blog you know that Friday was my "anniversary" or "transition day". Everyone has a different name for it, but basically it's a huge turning point reminder in your life. I made plans to go see Rilee well before I realized that it was "that day" and when I … [Read more...]

Taken from my Journal


Today is not a SAD day. It's just an emotional day. I've said before that if I could back and change it... I wouldn't. I love my husband and I love my boys. I wouldn't have them if things were different. t thought someone gave this to me in the hospital and maybe they did? I'm not really … [Read more...]

Our homeschool room

home school room

Our homeschool room is MOSTLY complete, but not 100%. It's complete enough that I'm satisfied and we can get work done. I'll update soon with any changes. We plan to hang a TV by the window instead of hanging a dozen posters.  I chose the CLEAR table and chairs from IKEA so the room … [Read more...]

A poem from 14 years ago


We are now 4 days away from 15 years. WOW! Many of the poems I wrote weren't really injury related but directed to people. I've gone back and read many of them and frankly they could ALL center around my injury, disguised as poetry about lost love. I'm choosing NOT to share but one … [Read more...]