Friday Fragments #2

Happy Friday Y’all!!! So what are your Independence Day plans?!! I think we are going to take it easy today, and head back to SeaWorld tomorrow! Our pfun little city has their fireworks show tonight, and we may or may not head out to watch. We want to keep it simple.

I am here to bring you Friday Fragments for a second week! Make sure you visit Traci to see what she’s been up to this week.


Sprint MOM – I can officially announce that I am a #SprintMom for the next six months and will be working with them via Influence Central. All the pictures with such sharp colors and beautiful clarity? Yup, that’s my new LG G4. Keep your eyes out for a more detailed “official” post. 

Periscope – I used this for the very first time last week. I’m not sure I love it yet and the fact that it gets deleted after 24 ours makes is seem kinda pointless, but I have a few articles that I need to read to better understand it. I’m sure it will come in handy in the future, more than I realize right now. Are you on periscope?! Be sure to follow me, my username is WHEELCHAIRMOMMY!

Wine – We tried yet another new wine this week. I know, totally shocker. It may just be my new favorite.



Nathan – Mr. Nathan went to see a retina specialist this week so we could get a better shot of his optic nerves. He said they are more “Elevated” than swollen, which is good. He is just happy to hear that they didn’t find anything on the MRIs and like everyone else happy we are doing a follow MRI in a few months. 

New tenants – Our new tenants moved in the other day. We had a VERY quick turnaround and got the house leased out very quickly. It was strange going into the house and seeing someone else’s stuff. 

Why I love AdventureCon

I’m sure it’s impossible for you to forget but I have been a SeaWorld Wildside blogger since the 2013 season, so my boys (Charlie included) and I did get free season passes to both SeaWorld and Aquatica. However, I was NOT asked to write this post and the opinions are ENTIRELY my own.

I can’t believe how quickly another AdventureCon has come and gone, every year it just gets better and better.  Honest. I mean just LOOK at the speakers we had! I learned so much about SEO, the secret to growing on youtube and more ways to make money than I ever imagined. I enjoyed talking about WHY I blog and stressing the importance of telling your story even when you think no one wants to hear it. **HINT** They do!! 


AdventureCon is truly a family event. I don’t have to leave my husband and kids at home to attend and the location is amazing. My family has fun interacting with the various animals, cooling down in the waterpark, screaming on the rides and they never tire of  all the educational shows. Clearly my family is not the only one to love it. Look at how big our group was this year!


This was the first year Lucas was tall enough for The Steel Eel and he loved it. He kept begging to ride again and again. The only bummer? He was too short to show up in the high speed camera shots. You can see his eyes, though! I have to give a HUGE thank you to SeaWorld for those QuickQue pases.


This was also the first year Nathan was tall enough for the Shamu Express. He was so adorable on the ride; even the guy at the kiosk commented on how well he photographed. Lucas may be grinning in his photo but he was itching to head back to the Steel Eel.


Will wasn’t up for the roller coasters this year but he never says no to the wave pool and Sting Ray Falls. I don’t think Charlie and the boys ever miss a chance to experience this slide. Lucas isn’t pictured because he was with Traci and her daughter and the photographer somehow skipped them. 


AdventureCon grows every year but there are about 10-15 of us that can count on seeing one another every year and it is truly a treat. Kristin and I get a selfie together every year. I thought we had missed our chance this year but it turned out we were both still in the park, SHOPPING in the gift shop, around 6 pm. We are crazy like that.


I would love to attend more conferences but the thought of leaving my family behind and not seeing them makes me sad. I don’t have to make that sacrifice. I am sure someday I will, but for now, I am not ready. What are your MUST attend conferences? Maybe you can convince me that I NEED to go!

Check back soon. I have plans to share a Sea World accessibility post. I’m sure everyone us curious just how easy it is to get around a park that huge. 


Stylish Gimp: AdventureCon

Hey guys!!! If you follow me on social media you saw me all over Sea World San Antonio this weekend!! What a blast.

This year I was honored to speak at AdventureCon. That conference keeps getting more and more amazing, but I’ll talk more about that in a few days.

One fun thing I will talk about really quickly is Periscope. Are you on it!? I’d love to follow you. I used it for the first time ever this weekend. You can find me as … WHEELCHAIR MOMMY. Shocker, I know!! Let me know if you follow me so I can make sure I weed you out from some of the strange people that show up on there.

My husband took off early on Friday so we could get to San Antonio a little early and get settled. I was planning to do an entire what I wore at adventurecon post, but guess what?! LIFE HAPPENED!!

I only got semi-clear photos of one outfit and you’ve already seen the floral maxi dress I wore for my speech. 

You will also find my June shopping haul at the bottom of this post. I really need to have a ZERO spend month. June was WAY WAY over budget (I’m not even going to break it down this month, but I think I was about $150-200 over).

I blame Lilly. I also NEEDED new shoes. Really. I did. My feet swell throughout the day and while I don’t wear the bottom of my shoes out, I stretch them out of time so they don’t fit always right.

green shorts print top

one the road to san antonio

Top and necklace: Target // Shorts: J. Crew // Shoes: Nordstrom Rack

june shopping haul

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2004 Coleman Niagara Tour

I thought it was time I took you on a little tour of our pop-up. We bought a 2004 Coleman Niagara back in March. We were planning to use it for our family adventures.

pop-up camper tour


camper 2

camper tour

We took it on an impromptu trip to Las Vegas when we found out my brother was VERY sick. My mom hadn’t seen him and years and we really needed to go. He’s okay now (the cancer is all gone!!) but with cancer you just never know.

My loving husband suggested we just drive her there and pull the camper so we all have a cheap place to sleep for the week. So that is what we did.

It wasn’t supposed to be our first time to use the camper, we wanted to take an easy weekend trip to break it in. That’s okay. We plan to make many memories in this camper.

I know the “How do you get in?” question is going to come, so I will explain that now. For the time being my husband carries me in and then brings the chair so I can navigate. He plans to modify the door and add a ramp so I can get in/out on my own.

So are you ready for the 2004 Coleman Niagara Tour? I promise to keep it short and sweet.



Friday Fragments #1

Hi guys!! Happy Friday.

My sweet friend Traci, The Star, is always doing this little thing called Friday Fragments. It was something wonderful she discovered on another blog, but for whatever reason I never got around to participating.

Last week, I read that the blogger that started it decided to “Retire” the link-up and passed the torch on to none other than The Star.  Of course now I have to play. So what is Friday Fragments?

It’s a perfect weekly wrap-up for all those little things that just don’t make a full post. So here I present to you, Friday Fragments or Friday Frags, as I’ve hears Traci refer to it.

  • Nathan got his glasses and we started patching him 1 hour a day.

Nathan glasses orto patch

  • I am about to head out for another AMAZING conference at Sea World. AdventureCon, here I come!
  • Oh, and I just so happen to be SPEAKING at said conference!! YAY!!

adventurecon speaker

  • We went to to Kona (shocker!) for Father’s Day dinner and Will discovered his love for their Voodoo Roll. It’s one of their spiciest rolls.


15 - 1

  • You may have seen reference to a new phone. I am a #Sprintmom for the next 6 months so you will see little references here and there to sprint or my new LG G4, and you are probably (you better!) be noticing highly improved pictures. #ad
  • Surely I am missing something, somewhere, but I guess I will just need to keep notes next week so I can rock Friday Frags.

So, what have you been up to? Do you have a wrap-up type blog post and want to play?! You can link up on Traci’s blog every Friday. She would LOVE to have you.