What’s my Story?

This post used to be on my story/about me page but I am reworking that and decided to make this a blog post. Surely there are a few of you that missed it and not everyone knows “what happened”. So here ya go.

what happened

I was paralyzed in a car wreck in 1999. I was 18 and just started college. The person driving was sober but my ex-sister-in-law was drunk and grabbed the wheel. We were going around a curve and another car was coming. I was thrown out. Nope. No seat belt. I was in the backseat. Not many adults wear one in the backseat, do they?! I never lost consciousness and spent about 5 weeks in the hospital. That included a really long (12-15 hour) surgery to stabilize my spine. As soon as they let me, I was ready to get into therapy and learn what I had to so I could get on with my life. One thing I’ve said since the beginning is I am changed but still the same. To this day my attitude is positive and I don’t let the injury or the scars get me down. I still do EVERYTHING I want to do I¦just do it sitting down. I have a great life and couldn’t imagine being any happier. People are always asking me how I can be so positive and I tell them it’s because I want to. I dont get feeling sorry for myself. What good does that do me? No, thank you. I want to live my life and enjoy it and no one is going to keep me from doing that, most of all myself. So now you know. I have all kinds of scars on my body as a constant reminder of 9-12-99, but sometimes I still forget. I’ll be going about my business and forget I am actually sitting until I try to reach something high up or far away. It’s quite funny, really. If you’ve been a long time reader you know I also get the biggest kick out of gimp humor.

Now all my dreams have come. Despite paralysis, I am a mommy!!!


November Blogathon: 11 funny chair stories

Todays prompt is to share 30 things about myself because there are 30 days in November! Instead of I will give you my Top 11 paraplegic moments because November is the 11th Month. Strangely, I don’t have many “Funny” stories but here are a few :

11chair storiesUntitled-1

  1. MY soon to be husband carried me down the aisle – I know, it’s not traditional but if you read my wedding story you will understand why.
  2. I had a tire blowout in target. Really. There was a LOUD BOOM. It sounded like a gunshot or an explosion. You know what makes the story even better?! Green goo shot everywhere. Yes, we had used tire goop because we put off ordering tires yet again and that shot everywhere. We switched to solid inserts after that. 
  3. I was trapped in  a restaurant bathroom and couldn’t get off the toilet. My chair kept sliding. Surely you’ve read that story?
  4. I can’t tell you the number of individual lost shoes I have floating around parking lots and gas stations. I can see the look on peoples’ faces now. I finally figured out the trick to making sure we don’t lose show anymore. I starting buying EXPENSIVE shoes. When the cost to replace WENT UP, my husband started being more careful about checking to make sure a shoes didn’t fly under the car when I transferred in.
  5. My water broke – TWICE – and I didn’t know it. I was sitting in wet goo and had no clue. I also realized that I never wrote Nathan’s birth story. I was going to link to it and it doesn’t exist. Ooops.
  6. There was the  time I fell out of my chair and my Mom had to drag me to the living room on a blanket. I was probably about 5 months post and my chair slide when I Was transferring out of the shower and to the floor I went. I scooted onto a blanket and my mom dragged me into the living room. I transferred to a foot stool and into a recliner and then back into my chair. I still don’t know how to get into my chair from the floor without  half-way help like a stool.
  7. My husband left my wheelchair in front of a model home. We didn’t realize until we got home. My purse was on it too. Nice.
  8. The was a lady in a nursing home that asked me for a stamp. She then told me she would pay me back later and asked what my room number was. I was there visiting my husband’s grandmother.
  9. We were visiting the facility in #8 on a different occasion and I was waiting for Charlie to pull the car around. It was dark and rainy. A nurse came up to me and demand to know where my handles were and why I was not in my room. I jerked away from her and she was terribly embarrassed for her mistake.
  10. While watching Nathan at gymnastics I struck up a conversation with another mom. We chatted for the better part of the hour. The next week I show up and wheel right up next to her again. She furrows her brows, points to the chair and asks what happened. Not thinking much of the question after talking to her so much last the week, I told her I was in a car wreck about 15 years ago.  She is still confused. She never noticed the chair the previous week and thought it was new.
  11. I saved my favorite for last. I was going to college at Coastal Bend in Beeville and was getting fitted for a scooter to make the treks across campus a bit easier. When the guy came in he looked at me with a very puzzled look on his face and asked who had fit me for my 18×18 chair. He was furious when I told him. He asked if I knew why on Earth they put me in such a large chair. I told him that the guy measuring me said that EVERYONE IN A WHEELCHAIR gets fat so he never fits you for what you need because you will grow out of it anyways. He said that was horrible and hopefully the other guy was later fired. The size chair I really needed? 14×16. HUGE difference.


More Details from 9-12

As you probably know, I briefly tell the story in FAQs and My story. I don’t go into details. I wrote in a journal the months following my hospital release and I started sharing that here, back in September. My wreck happened at 7:28 pm on September 12, 1999. That moment “changed” me in ways I hope you never have to experience, but I am grateful for everything it has taught me about life and who I am.  At 7:29 I was alive and “still the same” person I was less than 2 minutes before. I’ve often said I was “changed, but still the same”. You will now see that as a tagline in my blog title. Please keep in mind that I wrote this a very long time ago.


If you didn’t read the first part of the post you probably need to do that now. Starting in the middle of story rarely makes sense.


Finally I stopped. All during the time visions of my entire life flashed before my eyes. (I know it sounds cliche but it’s true!) It took a few seconds for me to open my eyes. I’m not really sure if I blacked out. I think I dazed out.  After a couple of minutes I started screaming for help. Sarah ran over right away.Then I heard my Sister-in-law (SIL) calling my name. When I answered all she did was tell me she loved me. Over and over. Sarah stayed there the entire time, holding my hand, doing all she could to comfort me. The paramedics arrived after what seemed like forever. A woman no one was ever able to find made the call from her cell phone. During the time I waited I cried out in pain and fear. I could not move the lower half of my body. I also begged Sarah to call a paramedic “Friend”. She promise she’d have someone call when the ambulance got there. When they arrived they slipped a backboard under me and they took my SIL and me to the nearest hospital. It was a long and painfully bumpy ride. I remember them rolling me into the hospital and asking me weight and height. Then I remember waking up in a private ER room and my “Friend” was sitting with me. He was also a paramedic and used his status to see me. They were only allowing family. I kept dozing in and out and when I woke up again my brother and step mom were in the room. I asked my brother to leave and then cried when he left because I wanted him back. I thought I was going to throw up so my “friend” turned the suction tube on and that scared me. I didn’t throw up. The hospital wanted to keep my jewelry but my “Friend” made sure Sarah got it instead. He had to leave on a call and I feel asleep again and woke to his voice in the hallway. He was coming to tell me they were taking me in a helicopter to Galveston. No he could not go. He introduced me to his friends that I would be riding with. They promised to make the ride comfortable. When they wheeled me into the hallway I saw so many people there to support me. I’ve never been in anything so loud or rough in my life. The helicopter was terrible. I kept shaking but the medics were great and gave me something to sleep. Before I knew it I was in Galveston and there were so many people. There were easily a dozen doctors checking every part of me. I yanked the breathing tube out of the throat and they had to tie my hands down. I remember all the reflex tests. Can you feel this. Yes. Can you feel this? No. what about this? no. This? No.  IT was all gone.

That’s all I have in the journal. I will have to jog my memory and see if I can remember any more details to share with you at a later date.    

Will got glasses

My oldest son got glasses last week. He’s been making comments here and there about his long  distance vision but it really hasn’t been an issue. He’s been complaining about it more and more instead of just mentioning it in passing so we decided to take him in. He was not happy about it. However, he tried on Daddy’s glasses – just to “see” and things were so much clearer he said he didn’t CARE what he looked like. After the appointment we were Sure enough he needed glasses. He picked is frames and he picked them up the next morning. He could not be more content. He’s shocked at what he didn’t know he couldn’t see.

I’m a little biased but I think he looks adorable.


Alrighty, so in November I will plan to blog almost EVERY week day. You can play along too?!


Project 333: the stylish gimp week 2

The first thing I need to announce is my GUEST SPOT on Kelly Gartner’s blog! I could not be more excited she asked me to be a part of her series. Be sure to check out my post and visit Kelly’s blog.

I have officially survived my first week with limited options. It wasn’t as bad as I thought, but several times I felt like I was missing out. I have this HUGE closet and only 33 pieces to wear? It feels like a huge waste. I’m not giving up yet though.

I have learned that I may need to make a few changes. I’m not sure I really like sequins anymore and I’m not confident my HOT PINK skirt fits into fall.


I also “Cheated” and made a purchase. I’m a CAbi fan and they only have 2 collections a year. The fall/winter collection expires before my “ban” is supposed to be lifted. I will be trading those pieces for pieces I really don’t want during my challenge. I think EVERYTHING in Day 6 will be “traded”.

One quick note. IGNORE my ripped cushion cover. I am WAY overdue for a new one and keep putting it off. ((BLUSH))

Oh and if you read my blog but are NOT a Facebook fan I would appreciate a “Like”. I’m trying to double my fans by the end of December and so far things are looking GREAT but I need all the help I can get! :)













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Project 333: The Stylish Gimp

I clean out my closet regularly and I have plenty of room to spare, so I’m not looking to minimize out of need.

I’ve reached a point where most of my favorite pieces are my pricier pieces. The pieces I cringed at buying but when I look back, cost per wear is extremely low and they all work beautifully together and alone.

I’ve decided that going forward I will only buy FEWER quality pieces, eventually creating a lovely capsule wardrobe.

While during a little.. Okay A LOT of research, it turns out there are many of clothing challenges that support this level of thinking.

There’s the 30 pieces in 30 days challenge, which seems too easy. There is a 10 pieces in one bag vacation challenge which looks like fun but not for everyday. There’s also Project 333, which I’m doing but modifying just a bit. It’s basically a capsule wardrobe, as mentioned earlier.

You pick 33 items (clothes, shoes and accessories) and wear them for 3 months. I’m picking 33 clothing items and wearing only them for 3 months, but allowing myself all the scarves, jewelry and shoes I want. I’m also keeping my other clothes, as many will fill my spring/summer or rare winter days. Oh and I will pull out a cocktail dress for any holiday parties.

I have also decided not to shop or buy ANY clothing during this experiment. My husband should be ecstatic.

I started my “fall collection” on October 20th, so it will end January 20th. Maybe I fudge it just a little and start my “winter collection” on January 1 so I can stay on track with other 333ers.

Maybe I’ll hate it and not continue. What’s included in my 33 pieces that I must mix/match until the end of the year?

3 dresses:
Black and white stripe
6 pants:
White jeans
Mint cords
Regular Jeans
Black leggings
Navy slacks
Navy dot jeans
2 skirts:
Pink peplum
1 blazer:
B&w stripe
8 cardigans:
Navy dots
Black white
4 button ups
Navy dots
Chambray f
4 blouses
Blue floral
Red floral
4 dressy tanks
Black sweater
Grey sequin
1 stripe t-shirt and 1 dressy purple t-shirt

Navy dot jeans/tan cardigan/Aztec tank

Chambray blouse, jeans (basic white tank NOT included in my list – it doubles as a jammie top so I’m cheating just a little)

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National Night Out

National Night Out was a couple of weeks ago. Did your neighborhood participate in NNO?!

Mine did! WE just moved and the small neighborhood within the big neighborhood I live in hadn’t had their own NNO in several years!

Anyone that knows me, knows I love a good party. I snagged 2 others and we went to work planning. We kept it simple and just handed out fliers asking everyone to bring a favorite side or dessert.

We had quit the turnout and one neighbor even volunteered to bring his band so we rocked it!

NNO was a fabulous opportunity to meet more of my new neighbors.

We learned ways to make National Night Out better next year, like not having a house between the band and the food and having a light brighter than our porch light.

We learned what we definitely want to do again. Can anyone say FRIED TURKEY?? Thanks to my husband, the fried turkey was a huge hit. In fact, all the pot luck style food was great. Everyone brought something  to eat and drink and it made it is so simple! 

Has your neighborhood ever celebrated?! Do you know what NNO is?! Tell me about your favorite NNO activities!


Nation Night out

keep kids from deleting apps

 A while back, I was scrolling through Facebook and a friend was frantic – her daughter had deleted her apps. She was wishing that there was anyway to keep kids from deleting apps. My kids play on my phone from time to time, and surely yours do too. Surely your kids have deleted an app or 3. I almost deleted the draft and didn’t write this post but figured surely at least one person out there doesn’t know about the setting and will find my blog and then follow me to the ends of the Earth for saving Thanksgiving dinner. Well, just in case you didn’t know there is a way to keep kids from deleting apps! It’s super easy and a few clicks in your settings. You can turn it off and on rather quickly. If you decide that puzzle game is garbage you can delete it and turn the option to delete back off so Little Bobby doesn’t delete your bank account app or grocery list.

First you want to go to Settings – THEN to General. Tap on Restrictions. IMG_2749.JPG  

Then just make sure you slide the button for deleting Apps so that it’s OFF (WHITE). Note that mine is GREEN and I am IN DANGER of losing apps.


Project 52: Weeks 25-40

I really wanted to be consistant with this project but feel like I’ve failed. We decided to move. We had to finish every little project we had put off and get our house ready for the rental market. We were also about to enter into being a landlord. We finally moved into the new house just 1 weeks before school started and We eventually got into a good groove and THEN Scouts started back up full time and believe it or not we volnteered to help leadthat too! So much to do and so little time. However,I can not complain because I wanted and ADORE this beautiful new house. I am not a failure but instead of individual weekly pages I will combine them all into one and start again with week 41. :-) Enjoy.