Friday Fragments #4

Hi guys! I’m coming to you from HOUSTON, Texas with another Friday Fragments. Make sure you visit my host, Traci!

  • First and foremost, be sure to check out my post on REWIRED LIFE. Thank You Audrey for featuring me! XOXO
  • This weekend I am in Houston, Texas working the Backbones Booth at the Abilities Expo.
  • I picked Katie up at the Airport last night and time will tell if we adore each other in person as much as we do online.  I think we met about 10 years ago and FINALLY got to meet!
  • Lucas had a blast at his TKD Minecraft camp a couple of weeks ago. It was a good taste of what public school will be like
  • We are still not 100% decided on Public or Homeschool for this year. Time is running out.
  • Charlie and the boys had fun on the USS Lexington a few weeks ago. I had snuggle time with Nathan. That was a rare treat.
  • As far as Nathan goes, we are assuming all is well. Every possible test was run. We just need to focus on the strabismus.

I think that’s it for now. Next week I will fill you in on whether Katie and I are BFFs or if we hate each other (not likely, we are both goofballs).

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Stylish Gimp: CAbi Love

San Marcos PREMIUM outlets gave me a $100 gift card to shop. CAbi is NOT sponsoring this post.

I don’t frequent outlet malls very often. They have changed so much over the last 20 years. You used to always get the leftovers. Now?! The quality is usually cheaper and made just for the outlets so there isn’t much point.

I was invited to hang out at the San Marcos premium outlets last week and when I discovered that CAbi had a store there, I was in heaven. They carried the ORIGINAL pieces from the previous season appropriate season. Spring in Spring and Fall in Fall. SCORE!! Now this is what I expect from my outlet trip!!

There were several other stores there that carried “originals” like Dianne Von Furstenberg (DVF) and Pottery Barn.

I just myself on a NO SPEND month so I was thrilled when they gave me $100 to spend. I was able to get 2 pair of jeans and 2 tops. Normally this would cost AT LEAST $375 if I was shopping the current season! Okay. I need to stop the exclamations. I am just WAY too excited.

Now does this mean I am going to dump my gorgeous CAbi girl?? NEVER!!!! The outlets don’t get every piece and there is no guarantee they will have your size if they do get what you are lusting after, so . . .if there is something I REALLY can’t live without and it makes my short list, I will buy it during the current season. I will save all the goodies on my long list for the outlet.

Okay. So what did I get?! Here is one of the outfits. You will have to wait to see the other. I can mix/match and make four outfits with these four pieces. Not to mention EVERYTHING I have in my closet.

Now keep in mind that many of the CAbi pieces work from season to season. It’s all about building a WORKABLE/capsule wardrobe. I have become a little CAbi obsessed (with Lilly thrown in, of course!) so I started a CAbi and Lilly pinterest board. It’s a nice visual so I can see what pieces do work together and which do not.

So tell me. Have you heard of CAbi?! What are your favorite pieces?

PicMonkey Collage Accessories

Top/Pants: CAbi // jewelry: Charming Charlie

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The truth about handicapped parking spots. It’s not always about how close they are.

I’m going to do my best to make this as short and sweet as possible but it needs to be out there. There seems to be a lot of heavy opinions about handicapped parking spots and who should & who shouldn’t park in them, despite what is visible to the eye.

The first problem is that there is only one kind of handicapped parking spot: wide and close to the door.

There are three types of people that need the handicapped parking.

  1. Those that need to be close because of something not visible or with a standing disability like a broken foot, hip replacement, etc..
  2. Thos in a wheelchair like me who either have a ramp on their van or need the extra width between cars for their chair to fit.
  3. Those that need both.

the truth about handicapped parking

I fall heavily into the second category but with young kids the 3rd category is more accurate.

Most parking lots are set up so you have to walk (or roll) behind cars to get from  your car to the building.

My chair puts me low to the ground so most cars cannot see me if I’m going behind them. That presents a safety issue, especially when I have my three kids with me. Most handicapped spots are close a building and they have a walkway in front of them so going across the lot is now safe.

Now let’s wrap around to the peeve most people (ME!!!) have with people “abusing” these parking spot.

There are many times I see someone who maybe needs to be close, but doesn’t need the width  park in the only spot left that I can use. Now why does this upset me if I KNOW they have a limp or heart condition? Because there’s a very usable spot for them either immediately across the row or one or two spots down that would only take an extra two or three steps. If you can stand, you can park in a narrow spot.

I CAN NOT! I may be thin, and my chair may be narrow but I need to open my doors all the way.

Just because you have the placard or plates doesn’t mean you should use it EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. If there is no where else to park in a reasonable distance, then by all means go ahead. 

Now why does upset me? Because that means I have to double park at the end of the parking lot and unsafely role through the lot. If I’m by myself this isn’t really a big deal but when I have the kids with me, like I said earlier, it is.

Now you may have noticed that I mentioned double parking. Why would I need to double park if there’s no one in the end of the parking lot? Inevitably if I don’t, someone will park right next to me and I will not be able to open my driver’s side door.

 I think there should be two different types of handicap parking spots. Those that are still the same width as all the others but close to the store and those that are further out but wide and have a safe path to the front door.

Hawaiian Falls Pflugerville: Sharkey’s

Hawaiian Falls provided me with free meal wristbands but the opinions are entirely my own.

Hawaiian Falls Pflugerville invited a few local bloggers to visit the park and join the blogging team. I accepted. Normally I would have gotten free tickets but our family already had season passes so they have chosen to compensate me in a different way. I’ll talk about that at a later date.

We frequented Hawaiian Falls last year but they hadn’t finished, Sharkey’s, their food area. We were able to try the BBQ place just before they closed for the season.

This year everything is up and running and they are serving a variety of food. There is something for everyone.
sharkey's pflugerville hawaiian falls

As always, I’m going to be completely honest. You are NOT getting quality food. This is fast park food, though they were crazy packed the day I went so a tad slow. If you frequent theme parks, you know that this is just what to expect for the convenience. 

I’m sure you are curious about the menu and pricing. The pricing, again, is theme park prices. I think it was $6-8 for a sandwhich/hot dog and chips. The pizza was in the same price range but did not include chips. We got 2 slices. I am not sure if this is the norm, or if they made a mistake. This price does NOT including drinks.

I had the chopped BBQ sandwich, Nathan had a hotdog, Lucas had pizza and William had a cheeseburger. My kids are picky, but they said the food wasn’t bad.

It will be perfect for those long days where we want to stay and play as long as possible.

sharks food variety

Stylish Gimp: archives

It’s another Wednesday and that means another Stylish Gimp!! 

We have been trying to go screen free so I have not been on much… which also means I still don’t have anything new for you.

However, I found more goodies in my “outfits to post” folder that you have yet to see. I am running out of summery material so I guess I need to get busy if I plan to keep this up :).

Everyone have a fantastic Wednesday.


Top and flip flops: Ross // Pants: J. Crew // necklace: TargetIMG_6086

Cardigan: Ross // Shorts: Banana Republic // Top: BeallsIMG_9785

Shoes: Payless // Everything else: Target

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