Two reasons I could never give up diary

This post was created in partnership with Stonyfield. I received samples in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

If you recall, back in January I did a 28 day challenge with Arbonne. The recipes were amazing and the foods that I WAS ALLOWED to eat were very satisfying.

However, I was NOT allowed dairy while on the challenge, so when Stonyfield sent me new products to try I wanted to cry.

Here are just two reasons why I could NEVER give up dairy forever.


Even my husband and kids loved everything. See. Here we are FIGHTING over who gets he next bite.  That never happens. This was so rich and creamy, definitely not a low fat yogurt option. It may be my favorite stonyfield product to date. How can you say no to Madagascar Vanilla? It even sounds adventurous! I can’t wait until these little treat is on the Texas store shelves.



Next up we have these delightful little snacks. Frozen Yogurt Pearls. For real. These are incredibly yummy and the perfect quick, mess free snack. The yogurt inside is rich and creamy (and organic, of course) and the fruit outside has a not too sweet fruit leather texture. IT sounds weird but it works and the kids love them! I definitely see many of these in our future. Sadly they are currently only available in the New England area. Be sure to check the store locator!  I can’t wait until they make their way to Texas. They come in about 4 flavors and I have to say that while I enjoyed the peach/vanilla, chocolate/coconut was by far my favorite.



Expedit Kallax for geotrax organization

This organizers heart is incredibly happy. 

We talked about getting rid of our huge GeoTrax collection forever. It was driving me nuts. We had the entire collection in a huge ottoman that everything was just shoved into. It was impossible to find what you’re looking for and if it wasn’t in there just right it never closed. The Ottoman finally broke when someone sat on it when it wasn’t close all the way.

I scoured the Internet for ideas on how to store and organize Geotrax but came up with absolutely nothing. Then it hit me. 

Could use Kallax/expedit to store our geotrax.

It’s not perfect (The train station is too big for a storage bin) and it is not cheap (The storage bins cost more than the bookshelf) but it makes my heart so happy. 









Thank you Traci for helping me out while my laptop is  limping.

Thank you Traci for helping me out while my laptop is limping.



Essential Oil lotion bars

I’ve been itching to try essential oils for quite a while and I have yet to take the plunge.
Hollistic Essentials contacted me and asked if I wanted to try her essential oil lotion bars. I said YES!! 

She sent 5 different samples and every one smells incredible! Each one is for slightly different purposes.

  • German chamomile- anti-inflammatory.
  • Grapefruit- protector and antioxidant.
  • Lavendar- calming and acne.
  • Sweet orange-maintaining healthy skin.
  • Tangerine-this one was a bonus so I’m not really sure what it was for.

They leave my hands soft but not greasy.

You can shop in her store if you so desire! 


ABL denim review and a discount

I was contacted by ABL denim recently and I must say I am impressed.

ABL denim isn’t your average pair of jeans. 

This is my first pair of adaptive jeans and I would have to say my favorite part is the higher waste in the back! The color was super stylish and the fabric was incredibly soft. Someone asked me if These would get them out of their sweats. I say yes. They’re almost just as soft as sweats but not quite! 

My girls in chairs would you agree that no matter how great a pair of jeans fit the back is always too low?

What ABL Denim?

ABL Denim is a denim collection with adaptive features making them easier to get on and off. Designed for men, women, and children with disabilities.




A few of you have you reached out expressing interest in trying these.You can get a discount – just use this code!


I’m a keynote speaker

I am excited to announce my FIRST OFFICIAL SPEECH!!

I was contacted by Tarleton Universtiy here in Texas to speak at their Diversity and Inclusion conference at the end of March, and to top it off they asked me to be their KEYNOTE speaker! How amazing is that?!

I have my outline finished and I’ve been practicing. I’m incredibly nervous. What will I wear? What do I REALLY have to offer!? You know all that stuff that probably goes through every speakers head.

I am hoping this is the first of many speeches and that I have a new career to not only help support my family but to encourage more people around the globe to never give up no matter what life throws at you.

Valentine’s Day

Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone and this year my husband and I were able to enjoy each other’s company on the actual day! 

We are extremely busy parents to 3 active boys so this is a very rare occurrence. We thought for sure finding a baby sitter on Valentine’s Day just wasn’t going to happen. I know it’s cliché and over rated but it was on my bucket list. 

 Not one week before Valentine’s Day I noticed someone in my neighborhood advertising that they would be watching kids in their daycare center. They are hoping to expand their facility and this is a way to raise awareness and make a little extra money. I jumped at the chance. 

 My husband emailed the manager at our favorite restaurant, Kona Grill, and made arrangements to pick up sushi after he dropped the kids off Saturday.

Why did we choose to pick up food and not go out? 

Why fight the crowds when you can enjoy your favorite meal by candlelight at home?

While he was out taking care of the kids and the food, I prepared dessert and set the table.

Everything was perfect and I hope we can do it again next year!

New home: Formal

We are about to overhaul our Formal living room so I thought it was time to share it with you before that happens. We’ve only been in our house about 6 months, but it is truly our HOME. I LOVE it.

I’ve been on a jewel tone kick (dark reds, deep purples, greens, etc) for quite a while and I am transitioning to a lighter more traditional/nautical vibe while some how incorporating all the gorgeous antiques I inherited from my mother in law. This results in a very eclectic style.

The couch is in fantastic condition so we are going to attempt to make a slipcover for it. If we fail miserably we will sell it.  We are taking our inspiration from Tator Tots and Jell-O and using drop cloths that we will bleach to the right color. White sofas with kids is all the rage right now and I am jumping on the wagon. In all seriousness it GREAT with kids. You can bleach it clean no matter what.  It looks fresh and airy and works with my desired nautical feel.


Here are a few pictures of the space. I am clearly NOT an expert and home decor photography so just bear with me.