Gigi’s cupcakes review

The boys and I went to Gigi’s cupcakes back in February, and I was planning a grand gigi’s cupcake review about how amazing and delicious they are but after tasting them and experiencing their customer service, that just wasn’t meant to be.

Click if you want to see a silly video of us in the car (parking lot, I think?) on our way to get cupcakes. Our hope. Our dreams. They were OH SO HIGH!!

The cupcakes were GORGEOUS and they tasted okay but even the boys agreed that mine are better. (Sorry, GiGi!)

Will got the chocolate chip, Lucas got double chocolate and I got champagne. Nathan shared with everybody. In fact, we all shared with each other.

The taste alone wasn’t a show stopper. I’d be more than happy to go back or order them when I’m feeling lazy, but there was more.

The service was terrible. We did not even an acknowledgment when we came in. Two girls were in the back talking about their love lives. I had to call out to them to get service. While we were there they continued to talk about inappropriate things and use inappropriate language. I will not return.

I guess I need to brush up on my decorating skills. These things were incredibly pricey, I bet I could make big bucks! 😉

I kid. I have NO desire to open my own cupcake stand. Franchise or not.




WIWW: The Alfredo Angelo Experience

I was beyond excited to take part in a series called Real Women/Real Brides, hosted by fellow blogger, My Sentement Exactlee and Alfredo Angelo, a well known bridal chain. (I received no compensation, just the chance to play dress up!)

I have to say, the staff at Alfredo Angelo was fantastic. I brought a friend (Thank you SO MUCH Beth, I had a blast with you!!) to help get me in/out of these monstrous dresses, because who can get these zipped/laced alone? Anyways, the girl at Alfredo Angelo took over and we got through 7 dresses in about an hour.

Thanks to my oldest son Will for the photography!

Lee, is always looking for unique women/brides to add to the campaign. She wants women to feel confident and beautiful on their special day and frankly, if all we see is the perfect brides in the catalog that’s not so easy. So, by featuring real women, like myself, you can see what a dress looks on a closer to average body. My body aside, of course.

Okay, to start off I want to show you my REAL wedding dress. The one i said, “I do!” in, over 12 years ago. 

Charlie and Priscilla Wedding




In 2009 (2 babies later!!), I had the chance to wear my dress AGAIN for a friend’s event.





Now, are you ready for the dresses I tried on at Alfred Angelo!?

First off, here were my 3 runner ups, really there were two, but the third had such gorgeous details I had to include it!


This was a bit goofy but the details were stunning!


This is the one we chose as our “winner”.


This came in 2nd! LOVED!


Now for the dresses we DID not include on the imaginary list.

The length on this was just off... a little shorter and maybe!

The length on this was just off… a little shorter and maybe!


This one made me look pregnant.

This one made me look pregnant.

Hmm... My boobs looked ENORMOUS in this one.

Hmm… My boobs looked ENORMOUS in this one.

This one did't make my list but it was PINK and part of their gorgeous Disney Princess collection

This one did’t make my list but it was PINK and part of their gorgeous Disney Princess collection

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Pregnancy and Baby FAQs

How were your pregnancies/deliveries?

My pregnancies were mostly normal and I had NO SCI related complications.  My second pregnancy came to a startling end when my placenta abrupted at 36 weeks. The baby was totally fine. I was advised NOT to get pregnant again but after speaking to a perinatologist went on to have a very uneventful 3rd pregnancy. Delivery one.  All three in one place.

What kind of crib did you use?

When the boys were newborns we used a co-sleeper. It was a bassinet that attached to our bed. We were up for frequent feedings so it made the most sense  Once they were in their room , I used a drop side crib with all 3 boys. These have been discontinued now, but I rarely used the drop side anyways. I just rolled up parallel to the crib and reached in.


What kind of sling/carrier did you use?!

I used hostsling, which is a pouch sling.


What kind of carseat/stroller did you use?!

I used a grace snuggled infant seat that snapped into my stroller. I used a bugaboo stroller, because the steering was superb. It was a bit heavy and cumbersome to callapse/assemble but I figured it out quickly. I know these are terribly expensive but we found ours second hand and it made all the difference in the world in being able to push my baby in a stroller. I push the stroller the same way I do a shopping cart.


What kind of bottle did you use?

We exclusively breastfeed. My boys would NEVER take a bottle. WE tried. We really did.

How did you change diapers?

Mostly in my lap. Sometimes I will bend over forwards and change, too. 

My friend used this table from ikea as her changing table.


Touch-A-Truck: Camp Mabry 2015

As noted previously, my family received free tickets for advertising the event. All opinions are my own.

I finally attended a Touch-a-Truck event! Kristin Shaw, from Two Cannoli, brought the official event to Austin a few years ago and every year, something has come up and I could not attend.

I was BEYOND excited when I realized I could go this year and to make it even better, it was at Camp Mabry. There is so much history there and my kids love it.

If you want to know more about Touch-A-Truck, check out The Austin Children’s Shelter website. This fundraiser brought in more than $40,000 last year. I can not WAIT to hear the numbers for this year.

I am sure they surpassed their goals, despite the mud and threatening clouds that never broke.

There’s not much left to say, except I hope I see you there next year.

Here are a few shots from the event. I’ll post all the military pictures in a few days. That is worthy of it’s own post and William plans to walk us through what each and every tank is and tell us much as he can about it.

miscall towmater IMG_1125




Stylish Gimp: What I wore this Spring

First off I would LOVE for you to check out my Alfred Angelo experience on My Sentiments Exactlee’s blog. This blogger is partnering with Alfred Angelo to bring you REAL WOMEN/REAL BRIDES. It’s fantastic to take a peek at all the REAL women next to the models.

I was married over 12 years ago but still wanted to take part in the project. Check it out. It was an absolute BLAST. 

Next week I will share the dresses I DID NOT CHOOSE! I think I tried on a total of 6-7!!

I love nautical pieces and I love Lilly Pulitzer so when the two are paired? Heaven! 



Dress: Lilly Pulitzer // Cardi: Target // FlipFlops: ROSS

Now…. this is from my selfie stick. HA! I think every blogger needs one. Right?! Hmmm….

selfie stick

Black top: Ross // Skirt: Old Navy // Necklace: Charming Charlie

If you recall, I gave my first speech last month. This is what I wore for that exciting event. I can not wait to tell more people about my story. It was so much fun.


trialspeechCardi and top: Target // Jeans: Cabi // Boots: Nordstrom Rack

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