Fort Worth Zoo

When we got home we rested for part of the day, cleaned almost all the sand out of the camper and headed to D/FW. I have a niece that just moved there so I called her and we made plans to pick her up for the zoo. It was GREAT to see her. She’s a twin and both of them are expecting boys this winter!! 

Prepare for a picture overload! 




Everyone told me how AMAZING and wonderful this Zoo was and Charlie and I both left not so sure what all the hype was. It was well kept and had a variety of exhibits but we both agreed that the San Antonio Zoo was much better. Now, I grew up with that Zoo so maybe I’m feeling a bit nostalgic and biased?! Hmm. I guess we need to go back to San Antonio for a back to back comparison?!




Have you ever been to the Fort Worth Zoo? Do you love it or is it just “meh” for you as well? If you love it, what on EARTH did we miss?! We are willing to go back another time and give it another shot. It’s definitely HUGE and there is plenty to see I just don’t get the RAVES!! 




My favorite part was DEFINITELY the Tiger Cubs. Everyone loves to watch kittens play and these GIANT kittens were no exception. It was so cute to watch them climb all over sleeping Daddy and to nibble on each other just like our cats at home do. Unfortunately I only got one decent pictures of the cubs with mom and dad. They blend in so well with the surroundings that it’s great.





Padre Island National Sea Shore

The week before school started we took for 9 days and went on vacation. The original plan was 9 WHOLE days on the beach. That did not actually happen.


We got to the beach LATE Friday night, spent all day Saturday and Sunday one the beach (with a trip into town for supplies) and on Monday we went to Mustang Island/Port Aransas for part of the day. This is where we want to some day invest in a condo. We can use it whenever we want but profit from it the rest of the summer and even largely the rest of the year.






Tuesday we noticed some pretty crazy clouds so we headed back to town so we could check the weather. We had NO cell coverage while on the beach. Heavenly.

We discovered there were crazy storms headed in and we really didn’t want to be on the beach in a pop-up if things got ugly. So we packed up and headed home. We got home insanely late. We spent the next two days cleaning sand off of EVERY. SINGLE. THINGS.

So what exactly did we do those few short days?

  • I read 3 books. Sorry Charlie but I can’t move once you plop down on my lounge chair.
  • I tanned at least 4 shades darker than I wanted to and YES I used sunblock… but didn’t always remember to reapply.IMG_3222
  • IMG_3225
  • Everyone probably, easily consumed 100 oz of water/gatorade each and every day. No comment on how much salt water we  probably took in. Blech.
  • We ate at Snoopy’s twice. snoopy's shrimp and fish
  • We actually cooked at least 1 meal. Maybe 2? That was not the plan. We wanted to cook. We wanted to save money. Life is what happens.shrimp and grits
  • I personally consumed around 25 gulf shrimp. I’m not sure how much we consumed as a family.
  • The boys built 498 sand castles. 
  • Nathan dumped water on 497 of those and made the boys angry.IMG_3237
  • sand castle
  • The boys played on their boogy boards about 2-3 hours every day.IMG_3231

(Five on) Friday Fragments #2

Oh, my gosh, how is it Friday already?! This week just flew by. It’s been an emotional roller coaster. I’m not sure if I want to stay on or get off.

  1. Wednesday, Our second day of school was, well. Not. At least not for Will. He came home on Tuesday complain that his ear hurt a little and the throat that was scratchy was starting to hurt. He did not mention it again until bedtime and he was in tears. We made an appointment first thing the next AM. He had an ear infection AND strep throat. UGH. Great start to our new PUBLIC school year. 
  2. We had a new door panel installed on our rental house. The previous one was broken several years back but it wasn’t shedding glass. IT started to do that and our new tenants asked kindly if we would replace it. It’s GORGEOUS now and I can’t wait until we install it in the house we live in.texas star door panel
  3. Remember when I said we were going to hire a housekeeper/nanny? Well, that’s our too. In fact that’s partly what lead us to our PUBLIC school decision. It was going to be a stretch to hire her and I really didn’t want to be THAT strapped. Boo. Maybe some day we will be able to hire someone. I really wanted this lady though. I hope we didn’t burn any bridges. All that being said….now that the boys are in school I have no real need for her. 
  4. It’s so quiet in my house. I kinda like it and I kinda hate it. I’m so conflicted on this. I really am. I’m sure you will suffer through my emotions as I learn to “let it go” and send the big boys off EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING.
  5. I was so sad to see our vacation end. It was an…. interesting vacation and I will fill you in on all the details next week. I fully intended to do that this week but we had a slight change of plans with school and all. IMG_3556

 friday fragments5 on friday

Our First Day of Public School

I think the first day went well. This has been a REALLY tough decision for me. We meet with Will’s teachers Monday night and I feel 100% better about the decision. The principal really took my concerns to heart and put him with all of the pflex kids (gifted and talented). This gives him the challenge he needs. We actually turned down the sixth grade spot (we would have skipped fifth) at a charter so he could stay close.



We got the kids there on time and handed out coffee gift cards. The kids didn’t have any complaints about school when they arrived home. Will arrived home and said he wanted to run for Student Council. He is ready to jump feet first and get involved. 


We had one issue that was NOT the school’s fault, it was a lack of communication with and between the kids. Around 3:05 I finally get a call from will thinking he’s going to tell me they’re on their way. He couldn’t find Lucas in the group of walkers. He had already checked the car riders and he was not there. They already found his teacher and she said he definitely went with the walkers. I went outside to see if I could see him coming down the hill and I called my friend that lives on the same path, closer to the school, to see if she could see him going down the hill. The little stinker either got tired of waiting or forgot to wait for Will and walked home by himself. Poor William was freaking out and scared out of his mind. The school made him wait until I gave confirmation that Lucas was at home before they let him leave, just in case his brother was still on campus.


Will after

I hope that’s the biggest SNAFU we have this year. Nathan dealt with the boys being gone better than I expected. I think he enjoyed all the MOMMY alone time, especially our Chik-fil-a date!

I held back the tears a few times for sure. We can do this!! I just know it. Now if only 6:30 didn’t come so early. 


Meet the Teacher. Wait. What?

What a whirlwind! We got back from our vacation on Saturday and on Sunday we decided that we were sending our kids to public school. We registered them today and MEET THE TEACHERS! Here is my sweet little peanut with the woman that will get to spend her entire day with him (and 20+) others. She seems like a sweetheart and I am sure he will love her to pieces.

meet the teacher

I know I published a post last Monday talking about how we were going to homeschool again, but things changed and FAST. We were so certain about our decision that I even bought William’s ENTIRE year. The box with 77 books is currently sitting in my living room. UNOPENED. Luckily I can return it. It cost over $900. There are several things I purchased for the boys that I can not return. I’m out about $300. I should be able to use some of it for Nathan and let Will supplement his math depending on what he’s working on in public school.

So why the change?! It wasn’t easy. I’m holding back the tears even now, as I write this. We’ve been threatening our kids with this for way too long. There is attitude. There is rivalry. There is so much tension EVERY day. My heart says KEEP them HOME. It will be okay. It really will. My sanity says they need to go. Someone else needs to teach them for a while.

Originally we were just going to send Will. Lucas was going to stay home. My sweet boy asked to go. Mostly so he could get time away from his little brother. Ha. Poor little guy hung his head as he told me he wanted to go. He didn’t want to upset me or make me sad. I told him OF COURSE he could go too.

So on Monday we got up early, went and bought STARBUCKS gift cards and apologized profusely to the front desk lady. We showed up with all the paper work filled out so it made things a little less painful for her.  I went out and found the supplies I didn’t already have and when I got home I found an email from the CHARTER school we really wanted to get in. Our spot was up, but they started last week. They were going to be able to place Will in 6th grade, instead of 5th (age appropriate).

We decided to meet the teachers first, before deciding. When we got there and discovered they were placing him with all the G/T kids it was bizarre. I immediatley felt a peace I had not felt yet. He will be in homeroom with a boy he was BFFs with in first grade. My mama heart HOPES and prays they hit it off again. If they do, that will make this OH SO difficult decision the best one ever.

Now Lucas? Who knows. We chose to place him in 1st grade. He could be in second but we have struggled the last 2 years with his reading and handwriting and I think 2nd will just be too much for him. He just turned 7 so that means he will turn 19 about 2-3 weeks before he graduates but I don’t think we would have gone through with registering him if they had had a problem.

Nathan is less than thrilled about Lucas going to “puppet school”, but he says Will is allowed to go. My sweet little man isn’t going to know what to do with himself. He’s never spent anytime away from his brothers at the same time. Well, there was that one weekend they camped on the Lexington and were gone for one night.


What ever am I going to do with that ball of energy for 8 hours a day without his brothers to help entertain him?! That will be a post for another month, I’m sure. I have many ideas up my sleeve, so never fear.