The New York Series: Day Two

Are you ready for day 2?! Here goes.

We woke up and got ready and went to the desk to get express tickets for the Empire State Building. At the kiosk I saw something on the Intrepid (an air craft carrier for those of you that don’t know what that is) and it was free and made it so we could do express on that, too.

We had pancakes and waffles at a diner. Of course, Daddy had coffee and I had chocolate milk. It was good but I like your pancakes better. We took a long time to eat, sort of, and then we went to the Empire State Building.

And so then went in and we gave our tickets so we could go up and there was still a line for express because other people chose express and then we rode a ride called SKY RIDE and it was funny, but the movements were “EH!”

There’s a car and a screen and your in it and it moves, the funniest part was when it was on the ground and people were getting away from it. There was a fruit stand and the person in front of it had to get on it and it was ruined and everything.

Then we went into 3 different rooms and watched 3 videos.

We went up 2 or 3 different elevators to get to the observation deck and we took pictures and could see a bunch of different stuff and our hotel and even a McDonald’s.

We went to the top 102 floor deck and we could feel the building moving and you could see rivets, too. Daddy said it would be too valuable to have the solid gold one on display.



The 102 floor observation deck was cool. You could see antenaes and on the regular deck you could see weather instruments or radar or something. Okay. Not radar. I don’t know.

Then we went down and into the gift shop and didn’t get anything. There was a puzzle of Manhatten that had 102 pieces just like the building but we looked online and you can get it for 1/2 the price.

Going in, we saw a $100 model of the Empire State Building.

Then we left.

We went to the hotel for a bit, I think, I can’t remember.

Then we took a subway to the nearest spot to the helicopter tour and walked there. It was loud, of course.

We saw our heli, it was blue and had a good window view. They put us in certain spots to balance the weight. We had headphones, too.



The rotors were spinning really fast and lift-off was really cool and landing was cool and then this is part of the tour.

The Statue of Liberty was cool to see and it was cool to see uptown, midtown, central park and the Intrepid and THEN the world’s FASTEST airliner. the C-O-N-C-O-R-D (yes, he spelled it out for me 😀 ) and cruise ships, the Freedom Tower, the Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge and it was cool seeing a taxi boat and seeing a colorful wall of some sort – it was like for sports or something they use for sports.


And after the tour I don’t remember what then….

I will pick up with the rest of day two when I type out day 3, the rest of it is on a voice memo. :)



  1. aunt susan says:

    gosh will,i have always wanted to visit N.Y. i really liked the sailboat in the pic of statue of liberty. will,did you know that it was a gift from the french?? ok….i have a question for you, how many statue of liberties are there in the whole world? a lil qiuz for you. xxoo


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