The New York Series: Day One

Will really enjoyed his trip to NYC and I was immensely jealous of his adventures.

I wanted to be a good Mommy, so instead of having classes last Tuesday, I had him give me every possible detail he could about his trip, while I transcribed it.

I wanted to keep it as real as I possibly could and hope to let go of all control as now move the written word to here, my blog.

So here is Friday, September 28th, 2012, as told to me, by Will

I ate at Salt Lick for lunch and had that Austin ice cream for dessert while I was waiting for the gate to open I ate my ice cream. We talked to an Army medic and he was nice.


Then there was a delay because a crew member was sick. Then I joked that as a Jr. Crew member I could replace the sick crew member.



The plane taxied to the runway and then it took off. I was nervous but it was cool, too. We ran at an angle upwards for a long, long time and also the turns were cool.

I spent 1/2 the flight watching BRAVE and teh other 1/2 I played on the ipad. A staff literally gave me animal crackers and cookies. The staff attendant used another credit card to pay for my movie. That was nice. I had my card out and she could clearly see it. BRAVE was good and the game was Pacific Fleet.

Then we started descending so I had to turn the ipad off.Then we started going down at an angle, then we landed and it was bumpy cause it was a small plane and less experienced pilots have to fly small planes. The control panels were cool. I saw them when I was on my way in. The plane slowed down and we taxied to the uh . . .the uh.. the gate and I didn’t see Daddy.

So I stayed with the attendant at the register by the gate and I waited and looked and then we started going and I need to go to the bathroom and then we started looking for daddy and we eventually found him. He had trouble getting a pass to get to the gate. I don’t know why.

We ate at McDonalds because it was so late and we ran out of choices and Chick-fil-a is a south thing so there are none there. The McDonald’s was cool looking but there was a danger hazard. The stairs were curved, the McD was 2-story,
 and when walking down I saw crack where the wall or stair wall was. A baby like Nathan could literally fall to the first floor.
We took the air train to Penn STation and then another train to the subway and then the subway to our hotel. Then we walked to Times Square and walked over to the Empire State Building – the clouds were SO low we couldn’t see the top.

We took a taxi to the hotel and rested., I played a little while daddy got ready and daddy watched TV while I got ready because there was only one bathroom.

And then we slept a long time.






  1. Star Traci
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    Too cute! And clearly already a Playa as the ladies are pulling out their credit cards for him!

    Get that shotgun ready.
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