The time has come.

The time has come for me to break down and get the memory boxes organized.

We have so much stuff we are keeping for the kids and I need to start throwing some of it away.

I plan to take pictures of all art work and put it into printed books by year and only keep a few of the more “crafty/project” art.

Lucas just started school so his pile is growing faster so I really CAN NOT put this off any longer.

Wish me me the best . . .

Oooh and while I am working on THAT, who wants to come and clean out my garage!?



In other news, here is another digi scrap page:

This is by Shawna Clingerman – of course, but this time she is GUESTING at The Lily Pad for the month of October so hop over there if you need to buy the goods to make your own.

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