Lucas started getting nose bleeds this past spring.

I can’t remember exactly when they started, but I didn’t really think anything of it the first time it happened.

Time passed and he got another.

Less time passed and he got another.

I asked the doctor about them during his well check in May and he said not to worry. He wasn’t bleeding anywhere else so it was just something we’d have to get used to. He suggested we use saline to keep things moist and prevent scabs and thus nosebleeds.

That didn’t help.

Time went on and they became more frequent and lasted longer.

They were NOT caused by dry air or rough play, but instead usually happened when it was humid (raining or after a shower) and when he was being as calm as calm could be. (sitting in the van or watching TV)

He was also getting them at night.

A couple of weeks ago he started wheezing and coughing so we took him back to the doctor and mentioned the nose bleeds again.

It was suggested that we take him to an ENT.

Oh, the wheezing and coughing cleared up on it’s own, but we now have in inhaler if it starts back up.

I called the ENT.

We went in.

Sure enough he could see the bloody little thing that kept causing his bleeds.

He thought it was totally cool that his doctor sat in the SAME chair and had the SAME procedure the day before :)

He numbed the nostril and cauturized it right then and there. It took less than 10 minutes and Lucas sat perfectly still.

He picked Play-Doh as his prize for being such a trooper.

It’s been a full week now and no more bleeds. So far. Let’s hope they stay away!


  1. I used to have the same problem as a kid, and after cauterization, I haven’t had nearly as many! Glad you got it fixed. :)

  2. Wait. What was it that was causing them? Bronwyn has them too. Hers might be hereditary though as her daddy used to get them when he was her age.

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