It always happens.

My sweet boy is sick


Is there a “law” that says things always happen at the WORST possible time?!

Charlie left for NYC yesterday. It wouldn’t be so bad except Nathan is sick with a fever and on antibiotics for the first time.

100.2 temp


It’s not fun to give a baby medicine. They fight you. It’s not a pretty sight.

Then, add in a sick Mommy with fever and aches and glass ripping out your throat. It’s just a barrel of fun!

I couldn’t/wouldn’t take Lucas to school today and he was very sad.

That boy LOVES his preschool.

We will get through this.

This too shall pass.

Oh, and if I haven’t mentioned it …..

He is SO excited!


My big boy is traveling all by himself to meet Daddy for the weekend. He is beyond excited. I will drop him off on Friday. I’m so excited (AND NERVOUS) for him.

He is going to learn so much while he’s there! We are taking a “break” from our usual curriculum and studying about 9/11 and The Empire State Building. He learned some cool facts about The Empire State Building and about the Rivet Gangs that built it! He also started reading a book about kids in NYC during the Great Depression. We are trying to set the tone :).


Did I mention I was jealous?!


  1. Sounds like time to light your candle yet again, m’dear. I really do feel your pain, all the more because I had lunch today with a new grandmom who’d just got back from five days helping the new mom and babe. She was EXHAUSTED; said she’d never been so tired. We agreed that’s why only young people have the babies. I thought of you! I don’t have energy to burn, but I can spare you some in your time of need. Best wishes always–you know that!

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