It’s going to snow because . . .

I actually scrapped. My interwebs was down and I really needed the therapy. I’ve missed making beautiful pages with beautiful work and I am honored to be on Shawna Clingerman’s team as her list girl. I don’t have to do pages if I can’t but I list out the goodies in her kits in exchange for her kits.

I also desperately love Lauren Grier and her designs- now that I am possibly back in the saddle I need to talk to her . . .


So here is what I made.

The boys waiting for Daddy to SAFELY land after his first AFF class/jump.


I used Shawna’s new callab with Erica Zane

I used a template from an old charity kit no longer available and I used a Darcy Baldwin font called Lizzy Fizzed out.

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