It’s not a spectator sport, Sweetheart.

Well, I jumped and I loved it.

I know this sounds cliche BUT if you had told me I would be jumping out of an airplane when I agreed to letting my husband get his Class A license I would have told you that you are out of your mind!

Charlie’s obsession started 11 years ago when he decided to do his first tandem jumps. I was a nervous wreck. We were newly dating and I thought he was out of his mind.

Fast forward a bit and life happens. We got married, the economy went down the toilet and we had kids.

Fast forward, again, and we are coming up on our 10th wedding anniversary this December so we wanted to do something BIG.

I was going to call the local skydive place and see how much a few jumps cost.

Boy was I going to be in over my head.

Charlie saved me before I could even make the first move when he called me during the day, sometimes in July, and asked if he could get his license as his anniversary present. He wanted to start NOW instead of waiting.

I agreed and he called the local DZ (that’s drop zone for all you regular non jumping people) and started the process.

You are probably wondering what all this has to do with MY jump. I’m getting to that.

Charlie headed out early one morning to start his classes and the kids and I headed up just before his jump.

When we got there the lot was PACKED and we arrived just in time to see some tandems landing.

It looked interesting but I had NO desire to do it myself and when Phil (the tandem master I jumped with) asked if I was there to jump I told him heck no.

He shrugged and said okay but if I had any questions he would be willing to answer them.

We talked again later that day and he told me how many jumps he had (15,000) and that he had jumped with several hundred others paras/quads.

He planted the seed.

The weeks went by and I saw tandem after tandem and fun jump after fun jump.

I became more intrigued.

I started watching tandem videos on youtube and searched specific to our local DZ so I could see just how Phil did his jumps.

I wasn’t going in blind. No way.

I finally decided I was going to do it, but when?!

I was watching a sunset one day and I was thinking how beautiful it was and how beautiful all the jumps I’d watched were and so I narrowed it down to sunset.

I still wasn’t ready to commit.

Would I ever be!?

If I did, would I enjoy it?!

Well …. obviously ….

We going out!!

and if you haven’t already seen it, here is the video.

I’ll be writing about the ACTUAL experience tomorrow!



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