Give your mother-in-law a chance

My husband is 33 today. This post isn’t about him, though.

It’s a tribute to his Mom. I can’t think of any other relationship I regret. Ours could have been so much better. I post this every year in hopes that SOMEONE will pick up the phone and call their Mother-in-law and invite her to lunch. More than once. My hope is that someone will look past the differences and just realize that you took her little boy away and became his main concern. That isn’t easy for her to deal with, give her some slack. No matter how much you differ, give her a chance. I lost the woman who could have been one my best friends, if only I would have let her.


  1. My husband’s parents died long before I met him but I have 3 older sisters to deal with. Our relationship is good but not great.

    I do know that my Mom had a better relationship with her Mother-in-Law than her own mother. She was proud of that and rightfully so.
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  2. Today is actually my MIL’s birthday, so I’ve already got plans of calling her today once she’s out of work.

    Because Ben was friends with my brother long before we starting dating, I’ve known my MIL for such a long time, and I’m grateful for the relationship we have. It’s been harder now that she’s in a different state, but Facebook helps a lot with gossiping with her. lol

    Happy birthday to your hubby. :)
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  3. I feel the same about my MIL….she is the bestest.
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  4. Stesha
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    My MIL and I are trying to reestablish a healthy relationship after both coming to the realization that we are family, and we need each other. I can honestly say that I’m happy with the progress we’re making.

    Happy birthday to your husband!

    Hugs and Mocha,

  5. It is so important to be in good relationship with MIL. sometimes it’s not easy but if everyone trying then things can change. you are lucky :)
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  6. I am so grateful that my mother and law and I are close. She’s pretty incredible.

  7. Weekend Cowgirl
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    I love this post because I think back and even though I loved my MIL devotedly, I really never gave her a break when I took her son away. Being a new bride, I could only think about me and never really thought about it from her point of view. Then God gave me two sons and finally I understood what she gave up….life is like that. We grow and mature and sometimes it just takes some time to figure these things out… I am sure she was really happy to have you with her son…
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