paralyzed 12 years today

This evening, I will be paralyzed for 12 years. I won’t say I LIKE being paralyzed, clearly it’s not a walk in the park, but I will say that despite the complications I have an amazing life. I have a life that I would not trade for anything, even walking.

I want everyone to remember that life is truly what you make of it. I could be miserable and feel sorry for myself, but why?

I want to say THANK YOU to all my family and my friends and most importantly to my husband, Charlie, and my darling little boys.

I can’t, however, forget to mention my BFF Sarah. She was with me that night. I love you Sarah, and I can’t wait to meet your newest little man.

Edited to add:

I guess I shouldn’t forget all the doctors, nurses and staff at UTMB in Galveston and the staff at Warm Springs.

I very clearly remember, MIKE, my ICU nurse. I’m not sure how I remember him since I was so out of it, but I do.

Dr. Fuffoletto, the ortho surgeon that performed most of my surgery. If I recall it was over 10 hours.

Nurse Stephanie, when I went to the Children’s Hospital to start my surgery.

My therapists. Han, Sherrill, and Amy for sure!


  1. Stephanie
    Twitter: supanerdstef

    My instinct is to say sorry, but I think its what makes you, you. You have an amazing personality, and are much more positive that I feel I would be. <3

  2. Sarah
    Twitter: standup8tweets

    “I could be miserable and feel sorry for myself, but why?”

    Good point!

  3. Wow. You have such strength and positive energy and it simply shines. Life is precious and you demonstrate that working through the tough parts to find all that is good is just so worthwhile.
    Brittany {Mommy Words}´s last blog post ..How to Prepare a Pre-School Rockstar!

  4. Leigh Ann
    Twitter: latorres

    Life is what we make of it, right? Lovely post, Priscilla.
    Leigh Ann´s last blog post ..The Diner is Closed. Again.

  5. Carri
    Twitter: carribrown

    You have such a positive outlook. I love it!
    Carri´s last blog post ..The Best Of

  6. Amanda
    Twitter: Keepcomplicated

    Love your heart Priscilla! Looking forward to “meeting” you soon. <3

  7. I was thinkin about u this morning and I get on to write u and see ur post. (Got me all teary eyed… I love u too) I remember well that day and have to say u r forever an inspiration and I treasure ur friendship, roomie ;0) I am blessed to know u and wish u were closer!!!!! Amanda and I talk about comin to see u but now gotta wait on our newest lil man! I love u so much my BFF!!!!!!!!

  8. First of all, I hope this day comes and goes for you and has more than a sprinkling of the positive stuff that you have going for you these days! I know exactly how you feel, and share your sentiments that life will be what you make of it. My own anniversary – the BIG 2-2! – is coming up in a couple weeks. Just last night, I was writing something to reflect on it. It just may show up on mobileWOMEN, so keep an eye out! Hopefully it will in some way do justice to the way all of us who are in this situation feel about things. I will be thinking about you and saying a prayer today! Here’s to another year of moving forward and making the most of everything we have!
    Jenny´s last blog post ..She starts Kindergarten tomorrow…

  9. Whitney
    Twitter: luckystars54

    What an inspiration you are! If we all got over our short comings and took a page of positivity from your book, it would be a wonderful place. There is much to be learned from a woman like you! I look forward to meeting you tonight.
    Whitney´s last blog post ..Long Walks and Football Time

  10. I have found you amazing and inspiring from the moment I met you. Your attitude on life is something I inspire to.

    And yes, when I do the math of another twelve years and think, “My baby will almost be 14,” I want to cry… Just.. wow.

    The years go faster and faster.
    Kelly K @ Dances with Chaos´s last blog post ..Reverse Separation Anxiety Disorder

  11. Christina
    Twitter: C_Linnell

    Beautiful post Priscilla. A tough girl, that is what you are. Glad you shared.
    Christina´s last blog post ..Where were you 10 years ago?

  12. Awesome post. You are amazing, I’ve seen it with my own eyes :)

    I’ve been OOOOH so frustrated at my lack of mobility from a simple broken foot. Can’t drive, walk like Frankenstein. Then I think of you and smile.
    MainlineMom aka Sarah´s last blog post ..The Best Laid Plans

  13. you are so amazing!
    I really don’t think I would have as good of an outlook as you~but all I can think of is~that if God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.
    I pray your life continues to be blessed and you continue to capture the joys of the everyday moments.
    Balinda´s last blog post ..Art Squared Challenge #5~Wings

  14. I met you not long after that–amazingly not long after that–in an English class. You were a joy and an inspiration then and you remain one today. I’m so thankful things are going so well for you. You remind me to be more grateful!
    Al Past´s last blog post ..Bonus! Baby Fox, Baby Fennec Fox!

  15. Lovely post, Priscilla! Beautiful reminder that life is so precious.

    PS – I think there are multiple locations, but my grandfather spent a lot of time at Warm Springs. He had polio. My mom talks about visiting him there & says she has good memories of a lot of kind people!
    Missy @ Wonder, Friend´s last blog post ..#iPPP, Bloggers Without Borders, And Stuff

    • I went to Warm Springs in Gonzales. They no longer used the springs for thereapy… they were just near where they used to. That makes sense?

  16. Stesha
    Twitter: SteshaSims

    What a great motivation you are to others! Even situations that seem tragic, can birth something good. I’m love that you embrace your life!

    Hugs and Mocha,
    Stesha´s last blog post ..26 {Real} Ways To Style Denim Jeans

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