I have a story?

I was reading my friend Katie’s blog the other day and I started rambling in the comments. I would like you to go read her post and watch the video before I continue.



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So. My story. Someone actually asked me my story this past Saturday. I am always at a loss for what to say; especially on short notice and in the middle of a parking lot. I told her I was paralyzed 11 years ago and that was about it. Then she asked me if she could pray for me. Sure, if it make you feel good to pray for me I don’t really care. Then she wanted to know if she could pray WITH ME, RIGHT THERE. I had to tell her NO. My kids were in the van waiting (WITH DADDY, STOP FREAKING PEOPLE).

When I got back in the van I was telling my husband that this actually made me laugh. I couldn’t care less if someone wants to pray for me. That’s fine. What gets me is that they don’t know me and if they did they would realize that they DID NOT need to pray for me to be healed. I have a wonderful and amazing life. Yes, I am paralyzed. That doesn’t mean my life isn’t great because it is. I have everything I’ve ever wanted. I do everything everyone else does. I clean my house, I do the grocery shopping, I run my kids to all their fun activities. If you see JUST MY face, you would never guess that I couldn’t walk.

Why do you need to pray for that? There is nothing special about it.Praying for me is not going to suddenly make me walk. Trust me. I would know.

Now if you saw Katie’s video you’ll see how amazing she is and how she made me realize that we have both overcome so much, yet we stll do all the things we want to do. She’s an amazingly athletic women now and she was before.  She didn’t let her injury stop her from doing the things she loved. She spoke of having Faith that things would be all right. I knew that too. I knew that I would be okay and while prayer is very important it doesn’t change whether or not we can walk.  It doesn’t change OUR STORY. It may make our story easier to overcome. It may guide us to still be who we want to be. It may not. I prefer not to express my religious opinions on here but I will say it’s fantastic that we’ve both overcome so much and it takes having someone ask us for “our story” for us to even realize that we have one.

I’ve often thought about going to hospitals as well, but never have. Maybe I should look into that??


  1. Haha, I think I know that person in the parking lot, lol. I actually find these prayer-fests rather annoying. The Bible instructs to go to a quiet place to pray alone. This is what I do. I don’t much like people flaunting their Christianity this way, as if they are so great because they want to pray….okay, off the soapbox now :-)

  2. That kind of thing drove my mom nuts. It was usually followed by “what unconfessed sin in your life” or “lack of faith” to cause your Lupus to not be healed. Mom always said that God’s answer to her prayer for healing was a very loud and clear No. People just didn’t know how to respond to that. Mom felt that God was able to use her Story in the hospital with the nurses, staff, etc. that He would not be able to reach otherwise.

    We all have stories, some more dramatic than others. But that does not lessen the story or the story teller.
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  3. Bibi
    Twitter: MsBibiB

    You and your friend Katie are such a strong women and great role models to all who has to face and live with adversity. I am very glad I met you through this 31dbbb challenge.

    My oldest is diabetic and you can’t tell from looking at him, but he’s dealing with weird people especially at school coming up to him and asking him questions and trying to have him talk about his disease every time they see him checking his blood glucose or giving himself an insulin never mind when he stumbles around ready to faint. He is so tired of it. He just want to live his life…unnoticed.

    My little nephew I help to take care of has autism with Tourette’s syndrome. He seems fine till the full body ticks start accompanied with loud noises and that’s when we draw a crowd. Sometimes I feel like carrying a big horn and yelling “move along, nothing to see here”
    Bibi´s last blog post ..Valentine Sugar Cookie Bouquet

  4. You have such a great perspective!! And that picture of you is fabulous. I wish I were that photogenic!!

  5. Weekend Cowgirl
    Twitter: weekendcowgirl

    Very nice post! I guess some people presume one would not be happy with life & that is sad because I can tell you have a GREAT life!
    Weekend Cowgirl´s last blog post ..Real 50s Cowboy

  6. U are awesome and thanks!! Xoxoxo

    That is an awesome pic of u ya hottie!
    We rock :)

  7. Bibi
    Twitter: MsBibiB

    You and your friend Katie are an inspiration and wonderful reminder how positive thinking and strong will get change your outlook on life.
    Bibi´s last blog post ..Dear George Canyon

  8. My freind has been in a wheel chair since she’s been 19…
    and I swear, I never notice that.
    She does everything…has an awesome hubby, three kids, a great job,
    I never noticed she was in a damn wheel chair! :) xx

    great blog.

  9. Sharon
    Twitter: SharonVW

    I agree 100% with this:

    “If you see JUST MY face, you would never guess that I couldn’t walk.”

    Different scenario’s but the same message – I am infertile, I am a mother through the miracle of adoption after many years of struggle and recurrent miscarriages. I have a wonderful life and an incredible daughter, all of my hopes & dreams have been fulfilled and yet people still feel the need to “pity” me, to feel sorry for what I have been through, have this desire to pray for a miracle for me. They don’t realize, my wish for a miracle has already been fulfilled. I am exactly where I am meant to be and its wonderful. Not sad!

    I loved your friends video, it was truly inspirational and a reminder that we can do anything we set our minds to and we can live the life we dream of in spite of what obstacles may be placed in our paths.


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