All about Gender.

I have two boys. I’m pregnant again. (I guess everyone knew that, right?)

Everyone automatically assumes we want a girl. I don’t think we’ve encountered but a tiny handful of people that didn’t ask if we were hoping for a girl. It’s actually been quite humorous.

The answer to that question is YES and NO. We want a baby. We want a healthy baby. If we have a girl that would be FANTASTIC. If we have a boy that will be just as wonderful.

There are pros to both and I can’t think any genuine negatives. Here is the run down:

    • If we have another boy I don’t have to buy that many clothes. (I will admit I am very bored with most of them.)
    • I remain the only female and how can being the Queen AND princess of the house EVER be bad? If you have a boy you know just what I mean. There is nothing quite like having a Mommy’s boy. I currently have two and love every minute of it. Yes, even the minutes where I completely go bananas because they won’t listen.
    • NO WEDDING OR PROM DRESSES to buy !!!!!!!
    • They will be able to share a bathroom FOREVER. No space issues!! (ETA: or having her yell at them because she needs to do her makeup or they left the lid up and they won’t yell at her that they JUST need to pee and she’s been getting ready for an hour now)
  • Now a couple of “down sides” that are really kind of absurd

    • Lucas becomes the middle boy and no longer the baby boy
    • We run into who will share and who will not (right now Will and Lucas Share a room)
    • I already have clothes so have no VALID excuse to by much more
    • um……………………..nothing?

    UP sides to a girl

    • Charlie gets to have a Daddy’s girl and Will said he REALLY wants a sister
    • I get to carry on that mommy/daughter bond I have with my MOM.
    • Lucas gets to keep baby boy status!

    “Downside” to a girl

    • She’s going to hog the bathroom and someone will have to use ours
    • I’ll have to learn to help Charlie clean the guns when she starts dating
    • I’m going to get in BIG BIG trouble shopping for her.

    So there you have it. The “pros” and “cons” (if you can call them that … they are kind of silly).


    1. Haha, my girl uses my bathroom. it has nothing to do with sharing or boy cooties or anything like that. It started with her wanting to be close to me in the mornings while getting ready and now is just a habit…..
      Christine´s last blog post ..Button Link Fixed

    2. I love how you are so focussed on bathroom usage! :) Either way, the baby will be loved and beautiful! I am, however, curious to know!

    3. You’ll have to start cleaning those guns before she starts dating, I hate to tell you LOL. It’ll start before she’s 35 😛
      Darcy@Somewhatmuddledmusings´s last blog post ..Dry that parsley!

    4. We have five boys and I am the only female in the house. Everyone asks: Are you the princess or the maid.

      What do you think? The laundry never ends and I sit on a wet toilet seat daily. Certainly not a princess. :)

    5. Priscilla says:

      The boys use are bathroom most of the time now too :) I’m sure we will be spread across bathrooms no matter WHAT. :)

    6. Priscilla says:

      Of course I am. I’m a girly girl. LOTS of primping time needed.

    7. Priscilla says:

      Ha!!! This is true. 35 might be too young to date though….. hmmmm…

    8. Priscilla says:

      Well….when you put it like that I DO NOT feel like a princess at all. ICK! HA! :)

    9. Coming from a mom with 2 girls, and a boy… when I was expecting we always got, are you hoping for a boy, you must want a boy a lot. like A LOT!
      DH was actually hoping for another girl, simply because we’d been trained by girls for the previous 2 1/2 years. It would be easier to transition, there would be no buying (haha–at least in his mind) clothes or other things.
      I wasn’t partial, but pretty sure it would be a boy, just because it was different that the 2 same style PG’s I had with the girls.
      Seriously, though, the hogging the bathroom thing doesn’t wait until teenage years, mine are just shy of 4 & 2, and I’m pretty sure they take longer than any grown-up.
      Congrats either way, boy or girl they are all wonderful, precious gifts.
      Amanda´s last blog post ..Kids Books

    10. Just remember you could end up with a tomboy who only uses the bathroom to brush her hair & hates to shop because she’d rather be out on her skateboard.

    11. Priscilla says:

      Yes!! I agree. No matter what he/she will be precious.

    12. Priscilla says:

      This is true and given how girly I am that is most likely what will happen. However, both my boys don’t mind shopping and DS #1 is already picking things he likes for a girl. HAHA.

      We shall see 😀

    13. Being a Mom of boys, well I just love em! I love little gals when I see them all dollied up:) Until they start crying over spilled milk LOL…then I run for the hills. Of course at the end of the day, it just does not matter…we love them just the same:) Best of luck to you.
      Hope to you at my newbie link up party on Monday….all new bloggers join in to meet eachother. You have to be a blogger less than 6 months, or be under 100 followers if you have been blogging longer….

    14. Priscilla says:

      My oldest boy is quite dramatic!!

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