Tiger Cubs Rocket Launch

First I have to say a big huge THANK YOU to Holly Hannah from The Work at Home Woman. I was checking facebook this weekend and I saw a link fromChristina Linnell of A closet Writer, to her (Holly’s) Blog.  She didn’t mention my name but said “Looky, looky who made the list in our group!”. If you know Christina, you know how awesome she is, so I assumed she was showing off. We bloggers like to do that, no?! Anyways, I was reading through the list and RIGHT THERE at #19, several before SCARY MOMMY was none other then YOURS TRUELY!! (That would be me!)

So this is a BIG, HUGE THANK YOU, to Holly!!




This weekend was our first “big” even with the Tiger Cubs. It was an incredible amount of fun. It was the entire pack and we launched water rockets.


"My" boys

All of “my” boys were so cute, excited and nervous.

I will admit that I’ve been really regretting my decision to step up and put myself and my husband in a leadership role. We have so much going on right now. The new baby. A first grader. Potty training. Tae Kwon Do.

Not to mention my husband working hard to support our single income family. He loves what he does, but need I go on?!

However, after this weekend, and seeing how much fun and how surprisingly relaxing it was to be with everyone and seeing how much fun all these kids were having, I’m happy I decided to keep doing it.

It won’t be easy. It won’t always be relaxing but it will be worth it in the end. That’s the most important thing anyways, right?!

I have more to share about something that happened later in the day. You may or may not have seen a reference to it on twitter. I’ll post about it on Friday.

Clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere

That’s me. I’m trying to clean up my blog, twitter lists, and feed reader.

It’s been difficult to keep up with everyone that I want to, or may want to keep up with, so I need to do TONS of housekeeping.

I hope to merge many of my “Categories” and actually start using more tags. Would you believe that after 7 years of blogging that I don’t? At least not often? It’s true. Oh, the SEO shame.

Why now? My life is about to go crazy; in a good way.

Wait? What? Isn’t my life already crazy? 3 boys under 7?

Well, yes, it is.

You may know this, but my oldest, William, just started first grade. When a boy starts first grade he can join cub scouts. Cub scouts are part of the “pack” but they are also in “Dens”. There were over 20 new cubs. We had to divide into 3 dens. Any guesses who will “lead” one of those dens?

Yeah, that would be me. I’m not doing it alone though, Charlie is co-leader. He was in boy scouts when he was a kid and went although to “life” and stopped. Yes, there is something after “life”. It’s called “eagle”. Anyways, that’s several years away.

From usscouts.org

There you have it. Why I want to organize my online life a little better.

I plant to have a folder in my reader for EVERY. SINGLE. person that comments on my blog more than 3 times. You might want to get yours in. :)

Exciting Tae Kwon Do changes

It’s the little things!

Our TKD association recently decided to transition to BLACK pants. The plan is to move to black with a white stripe, but for now everyone is being encouraged to buy black, as they buy new. You are not required to by the black at all, but I could NOT resist.

How awesome is that?! There is not a bigger nightmare then a 4 year old or a 6 year old in WHITE pants 2-3 times a week. THANK ATA.

That’s not the ONLY TKD news we have, though. Our school also offers something called Jiu-JitSu. Simplified, it’s martial arts wrestling. Will started that last night. He expressed an interest about 6-8 months ago but there weren’t any other boys his age taking it. You must have someone close in size and gender to you, at least for the kids. Gender is for everyone. Can you imagine? No thanks. Hahah.

Anyways, another family joined our school in October and I’ve only recently started talking to the mom. She has 3 kids in Jiu-Jitsu, including a 5.5 year old. He usually ends up teaming with his older brother or the instructor which is not practical. I was very excited to hear he needed a partner. Will has not stopped talking about it. Will has decided to just tell his friends it’s wrestling though because they are really confused when he says grappling or Jiu-Jitsu. Cute.