Swaddle not

Nathan LOVES to be swaddled. He’s long “outgrown” the miracle blanket but
we did a transition so only his arms were wrapped. It worked beautifully.  We put him down on his back and he stayed there. It was perfect.

Well, this last week or so he has been so FIESTY when we put him dow that he instantly plopped over on his belly. Arms swaddled and all. It made us really nervous but he slept so amazingly.

This past weekend we went ONE night without it. He naps without it so we thought maybe it was “time”. He was up THREE times. THREE.

Yesterday, DH called me and said we HAVE TO BE DONE with the swaddle for real.

He always goes to get Nathan in the morning if I am still sleeping. He brings him to me in bed so we can have some snuggle time. Anyways, he fought his way out and had it wrapped around his neck.

OH MY GOODNESS. If that doesn’t freak a parent out, nothing will.

WHO CARES if he wakes up 3? 5? 10 times without the blanket?

He will eventually get over it and adjust and sleep again. So will we.
He’s 9 months old so when Charlie told me that if freaked me out a little. Okay. No. It freaked me out A LOT!
I have a friend that lost her daughter at 9 months. I don’t know any details surrounding HOW but it just made me think of her.So …. we now proceed without a swaddle. . . probably less sleep but SO MUCH peace of mind.

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    • Priscilla says

      All 3 of my boys loved it. .. I couldn’t imagine! I take that back … Lucas tolerated it, he didn’t love it.

  1. says

    Oh, My! How could he fight his way out of the blanket? I really understand your worries here, as a matter of fact I used to swaddle my kids too, but never ever thought of having the blanket wrapped around their neck. Gosh…
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