Stoneyfield and The Lorax

My favorite part about blogging, besides preserving memories, is the social aspect. I have met great people and have attended some fun events.

One such event was hosted by Stoneyfield Farms. There was a speaker, great food and of course SWAG. I think the best part, for my boys, was the super hero capes they were able to wear out, after the event was over. I was going to link back and share my post with you from that day but it doesn’t appear that I ever published one.

I was recently asked by someone very important at Stoneyfield Farms if I wanted to be a Yo-getter. I was hesitant at first, but I read the information and decided that it fit perfectly into my blogging world without much interruption. I won’t get paid, but I will occasionally get yummy product samples for myself and my readers and I also get to share other fun opportunities with fellow Austin bloggers. I am able to post when I want and only if I feel it truly fits.

I was very excited when I was given the chance to take my family and view The Lorax, but I kept reading and saw that I could, instead, choose to host a screening party. I would get around 20 tickets, Stoneyfield samples and some other goodies.


Image taken from an e-mail


That is where we are. I won’t get the tickets until the first week of March, but I wanted to go ahead and get it out there as sort of a save the date.

Who wants to join me?

We will meet at my house, sample some products and then we can head out to watch the movie together or you can depart and watch it on your own.

What works for you?

I should be able to take 9 other bloggers.

I will be getting 20 tickets and assume everyone needs two.





  1. We would love this!!!! If you have enough tickets left I would love to bring my 3 big kids. We saw it this weekend though so if there are lots who haven’t seen it yet let them go first :)

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