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In 12 years, I’ve run into my share of accessibility issues. It’s usually because a where I was going was in a historical old house or hadn’t been remodeled in over 25 years. I get it, a ramp could destroy the beauty. If it’s somewhere we MUST be, we can work around it, no biggie. I married a strong, willing man, so he helps me out.

Last night I went to a fairly new bar on 5th street. It was beautiful. They consider theirselves “green”. They have an amazing rooftop deck where all the real action takes place. They have a live band and more than half the space is up there.

I didn’t get to see the rooftop deck. I just heard about it.

Why did I not see it? There was NO elevator.

Yes, my husband could have carried me up, but I was wearing a skirt. I didn’t want to be a Britney and flash all my husbands co-workers.

They forgot that teeny tiny detail when they designed this elaborate club.

I’m pretty sure that’s illegal.

I guess there is a chance it’s not illegal because the first floor was very accessible with a lovely ramp to the bathroom.

The reviews on this place were poor to begin with. It seems they pick and choose who can and can’t come in.

They could had a good thing going, but they failed in so many ways.

I think our local news station even covered how they were cheating their employees out of money.

I don’t see myself ever going back. I don’t see this club sticking around. I agree with other reviewers.

Roial bar is a major fail.

I rarely write accessibility reviews because it’s rarely an issue. The majority of bars and places don’t forget that detail.


  1. Whitney
    Twitter: luckystars54

    I’m so sorry to hear that Priscilla…you looked so beautiful and should have been able to enjoy the entire evening! If it’s not illegal, it should be, that’s a major fail :( I hoped you had a good time with your hubby nonetheless.
    Whitney´s last blog post ..Trying to Go Gluten Free

  2. Texbetsy
    Twitter: Texbetsy

    I’ve had that issue at every single bar event I’ve attended in Austin. One flour is accessible but the real party is on the roof.

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