I’m having a . . .

Baby, of course.

Please hold still. I want to get to the really good stuff, but first I have to thank the WONDERFUL girls at SITS. ( I met Tiffany in October.YAY!)

If you don’t know who they are then click this cute little button and learn all about what they do:

If you found me because I’m being featured, then THANK YOU and WELCOME.

Oh, yeah. You have all been going crazy to know if I will be welcoming my 3rd little boy or if I will get to spend an insane amount of money of lots of pink?

Well, yesterday I had my ultrasound and I really want to thank Tiffany and Francesca for working with me so I could use today as my feature and announcement day.

I got off track again. Sorry. I’m a tease. I know. Anyways, we are going to be welcoming……………

Will tells everyone if the baby is a girl or a boy.

Before you leave make sure you connect with me on twitter or facebook so you can come back and follow us in our adventure with 3 kids!!


  1. Yay for boys! I’m expecting our 3rd baby in May. We’ve chosen to not find out the sex. We have 2 boys already and everyone is always asking, Are you hoping for a girl? Well, yeah, that would be great, but we’d love a healthy boy too! Congratulations!

    • Priscilla says:

      @Ellie, We got those questions all the time too!! I wanted what I got. If they said girl … girl. Boy … boy. awesomeness with either option. :)

  2. Mazel Tov on another boy!
    Old School/New School Mom´s last blog post ..When In Doubt- Call in Reinforcements

  3. Miel Abeille
    Twitter: miel_abeille

    Hi! Happy SITS day! You are an inspiration! Best of luck with your new blessing! :-)

  4. CONGRATS!!!! Happy SITS DAY and so happy for your big news!!
    Allison´s last blog post ..International Day of the CUPID!

  5. Making It Work Mom
    Twitter: makingitworkmom

    Happy SITS Day! And Congratulations on your newest boy! So wonderful. Enjoy your day.

  6. Congratulations on both your sits day and your new addition!

  7. Lee
    Twitter: TollHCookie

    Happy SITS Day!!! Congrats on your forthcoming addition to the family, too!!
    Lee´s last blog post ..Learning To Cook

  8. What a cute way to tell everyone, congratulations on your pregnancy and also on your SITS day.

    Have a lovely day,
    Jade @ No Longer 25´s last blog post ..Glenwood Springs Colorado

  9. Wait- What-AHHHH The video won’t load so now I am stuck in suspense!

    Happy SITS Day!

    I think this SITS Day post beats all others, even if I didn’t get the whole message! :) Congrats!
    Sorta Southern Single Mom´s last blog post ..Beach Novels- A Comparison Review

  10. Congratulations! Found you through SITS – had a nice

  11. What a lovely announcement. Hopping by from SITS!!! Congratulations and God bless

  12. Melissa
    Twitter: PBinmyHair


    What a great way to celebrate your SITS day!
    Melissa´s last blog post ..Walking on the Shadows Edge

  13. Sunday
    Twitter: xtremeparnthood

    Bwahahahaha! I love that your son said you will have 4 boys including Daddy! That totally cracked me up!

    Congrats on your SITS Day and on your sweet baby boy you’ll be welcoming soon!
    Sunday´s last blog post ..PECS makes me cry

  14. Congrats on your SITS day and on your zoo of boys! :)

  15. :) I love your blog – so inspiring – stopping by from SITS to congrat you on your special day . . . I am a proud follower of your blog nowv. . . . so glad i Found you . . .

    If you are ever interested in guest blogging on my blog – let me know!


  16. Those boys are the cutest!! Congratulations on the baby!! And congrats on your SITS’s day!
    The SuperMom Blues´s last blog post ..Making Your Home Sing Monday – The LOVE Edition

  17. alison
    Twitter: nancherrrow

    congratulations on your newest impending arrival…we have 3 boys and 1 girls and they keep our home very interesting and…fun. just over from sits and wishing you a happy day in the spotlight.


    stuff and nonsense
    alison´s last blog post ..A Winner and A Valentine

  18. Karen
    Twitter: MeWaistingTime

    Happy SITS day ! I have two boys. Once upon a time I wished for a girl… then we hit the teen years and I was happy to cruise through with no added estrogen in the house.

  19. Jessica
    Twitter: fourplusanangel

    Congratulations on your SITS day and adding one more boy to your family. You are an inspiring lady. Great to meet you!
    Jessica´s last blog post ..The Mom List

  20. Congratulations on your SITS day and your newest addition! I also love your positive perspective on life – my kind of blog friend!

  21. SaucyB
    Twitter: SaucyB

    Congrats on your SITS day and the next little man you will be welcoming into your family!

    I really got a kick out of your FAQ. My god, people can be so thoughtless/rude. You’ve got a great perspective!

    Enjoy your day in the spotlight! :-)

    SaucyB’s last blog… CUTEST. PUPPY. EVER.

  22. Sandy
    Twitter: sandyra

    I love it! “Four if you count Daddy.” hehe!

    Congrats on the baby boy! Three boys in a row is awesome! My first 3 were boys!

    Enjoy your featured day! :)

  23. Lindsay
    Twitter: Lindsay_Blogs

    Congratulations on your baby boy and happy SITS day!!
    Lindsay´s last blog post ..Online Shopping on a Budget Guest Post

  24. Angie
    Twitter: 2sisters_angie

    Congrats on your big day and your big news! I can’t imagine being outnumbered like that! Heading for a stroll around your blog to read more now. Have a terrific day!
    Angie´s last blog post ..The long and short of it

  25. Congrats on the baby boy! That is so awesome.

    I hope that you have a fabulous SITS day. :)

  26. Jill
    Twitter: haglerhappening

    Big congrats on your SITS day. I can’t wait to hear about the new baby.

  27. Happy SITS Day!

    I loved the way you had Will share the news about the baby’s gender. I bet he felt really special :)
    Kimberly´s last blog post ..Food Hangover

  28. Happy SITS Day! Congratulations on your new baby boy! Sounds like we hav a lot in common :)

  29. Jeannie
    Twitter: HealthInfoChick

    Congratulations! Also, thank you for posting this vid; it’s adorable!

    I’m a mommy of two young men, so I know how delightful and charming they can be. They can be quite challenging at times, too, but I’m sure you’ll handle all of it with finesse. :)
    Jeannie´s last blog post ..Emotional Eating- Break the Cycle

  30. Happy SITS Day! Congrats on the baby boy.
    Elizabeth´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday – Valentines Day party at school

  31. Amy W.
    Twitter: kitchenandkids

    Happy SITS day and congratulations on #3.

    They will keep you on your toes. I loved your article on the baby name if it was a girl. I am sure your sister would have loved it. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could come up with a manly way to incorporate her name into a boys – oh, well.
    Amy W.´s last blog post ..Banana Pudding – Here Today- Gone Tomorrow

  32. Found you through SITS! Love your blog! And congratulations :)
    Nicky´s last blog post ..Heres To Bacchus

  33. Wow, lots to be excited about today, Priscilla! 3 boys! Wow! congratulations :) and enjoy your day as SITS girl!
    gigi´s last blog post ..I Celebrate Holidays With A Mom Fail

  34. :o) WOW!

  35. Lorna
    Twitter: gypsiewriter

    Congratulations on baby number 3 and Happy SITS day! So glad you’re out there!

    Lorna´s last blog post ..Back-seat Baking- Chocolate Ginger Cupcakes

  36. Squeeeeeaaall!!! A new sweet, soft, snuggly bundle of blue. I’m so thrilled for you. We unplugged the oven, so to speak, after baby boy #2, so sadly we are done, but I imagine you’ve heard the same required “are you going to try again for a girl?” friendly questioning. Once upon a time, sure, but truth be told, you’re about to have my dream family.

    Here’s to hoping for a comfortable time during the rest of your pregnancy, and the joy of another soul to love.

    (congrats on SITS day as well. Zowee!)
    Ash´s last blog post ..Together- we can end this madness now

  37. congrats on your SITS day!
    And your boy!
    Hope everything goes well for ya!
    one cluttered brain´s last blog post ..GRRRRRR! I cant take it anymore!!!!!!!!

  38. Pamela
    Twitter: pameloth

    Congrats on your SITS day and your upcoming baby boy. I’m your neighbor down the road a bit in Houston and I’m jealous you live in Austin — that’s where I went to grad school.
    Glad I found you — excellent blog!

  39. Happy SITS Day to you!

    Congrats on your new baby!
    Amber´s last blog post ..Life As We Know It Giveaway

  40. Christine
    Twitter: camathews

    Visiting from SITS. LOVE your blog! Have a great day! :)
    Christine´s last blog post ..A List

  41. WOW Mama! Congrats! and I love it…”4, if we count daddy!” too cute
    Rachael @ Tutus and Tantrumns´s last blog post ..Valentine’s Eats and Treats for the Little Ones

  42. Maggi
    Twitter: addglitter

    Congrats on being the FB today and on your new little love! Enjoy your day in the spotlight!
    Maggi´s last blog post ..Sad Sack of Scrap

  43. Congratulations on your special SITS day and the impending birth. I wish you wonderful experiences with both.
    misssrobin´s last blog post ..Smartly Essay – Love

  44. Four if you count daddy. How sweet.

    Happy SITS Day.
    (Florida) Girl with a New Life´s last blog post ..Your Advice- My Valentines Day Manifesto

  45. YAY!! Congratulations! Both on your SITS day and your new baby boy!

  46. Congratulations on your third boy! What a fun family!
    I hope you’re having a fabulous SITS Day!

    Jenny Yarbrough´s last blog post ..Ten Tutorials To Try

  47. Congrats on your SITS day. Thanks for sharing your story…and your continuing story of your growing family! :)

  48. Congrats on your upcoming new addition, as well as SITS Day! 3 boys? I officially give you permission to dress this baby in a few ruffles if needed. (my sister has a boy, and she said the only thing she regrets is not getting to dress him in cute outfits with ruffles). I don’t know why, but when I think of boys I imagine them all grown up and being super protective of their mama. I’m grooming my 9 month old to be a mama’s boy, pure and simple. 😉 Congrats again, what a house full of love you have!
    Carrie´s last blog post ..The Post I Shouldnt Publish- Part 2

  49. Jacki
    Twitter: theravensspell

    Congrats on your SITS day and the extra testosterone!
    Jacki´s last blog post ..6 Websites for Understanding Paganism

  50. Happy SITS day! And congratulations on your little boy!!

  51. Congrats on the newest baby boy & SITS feature!! That video was so cute! You have beautiful children.
    Renee´s last blog post ..Day 7 – Link up!

  52. Happy SITS day and congrats! I’m pregnant too but not finding out (husband didn’t want to know)…ahhhh the suspense!!
    Chelsea´s last blog post ..DIY Tree Wall Mural

  53. Wow, three boys – you go mama! We have two girls and are considering having a third child. We would probably end up with three girls too. Congrats and happy SITS day!

  54. Congratulations on your SITs feature! I hope you enjoy your day in the sun:-)

  55. Congrats on your SITS day, and on the baby!!

    Jenn @ South of Sheridan´s last blog post ..Where do you link up

  56. Rene W.
    Twitter: renewyourspace

    Happy SITS day beautiful!!!
    Rene W.´s last blog post ..Life Balance

  57. Congrats in your testosterone filled household! And… Happy SITS day!
    Living the Balanced Life´s last blog post ..The world really is at our fingertips

  58. Congrats to you on your BOY and your SITS feature! What an exciting day. You have a lovely family.


  59. Kami
    Twitter: themommadiaries

    Just came across your blog through SITS & so happy I did!

    I use a wheelchair too, and I’m a Mommy :)

    I have a disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, it means “brittle bones.”

    Anyways, I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog :)


  60. Christine
    Twitter: ChristineLeiser

    Congratulations and Happy SITS day!
    Christine´s last blog post ..Blackened Seasoning

  61. Jennie B
    Twitter: wantapeanut

    Ack! Another boy! Congratulations :)

    Visiting from SITS.
    Jennie B´s last blog post ..Music Therapy Progress

  62. Selena & Anna
    Twitter: annieandisabel

    Happy SITS day Priscilla!
    Thank you for sharing your inspirational story and your VERY exciting news!!!!

    My sister and I (of Annie & Isabel) have 6 boys between us.. so, we feel SO happy that you will get to experience an all boy house like us.. there is nothing like the love between brothers.. so fun, so crazy, well… SO LOUD! We’ll admit, we would have enjoyed a little “pink”… but, feel so lucky as I am sure you do too!

    We look forward to following along the way.. enjoy the second half of your pregnancy!!!!

    Selena & Anna

  63. Happy SITS day! Another boy! I have two boys myself. You can just tell everyone you’re specializing in boys. : ) Love your blog…I’m a new follower.
    Amy´s last blog post ..Blast From The Past 6- February in the Park

  64. Astrid
    Twitter: phoneutria_fera

    Oh wow, another boy! Congratulations!
    Astrid´s last blog post ..Blogging as Advocacy

  65. Everyday Mama
    Twitter: EverydayMama

    Happy SITS day and congrats on adding to your family!! Another boy! I’ll follow you to find out how it is with 3…we’re thinking of the idea but it’s making me exhausted at the thought :) Love, love your blog…a new follower now :)
    Everyday Mama´s last blog post ..Dream big!

  66. Bibi
    Twitter: MsBibiB

    Yeey, another baby boy….what a blessing.Congratulations!

    Enjoy your SITS day.
    Bibi´s last blog post ..Ski Hill &amp Ski Bunnies – WW

  67. Congrats! And, boy :), are you out-numbered!! :) Hope they grow-up treating you like the princess you are! :)

    Visiting from SITS … enjoy your special day!
    Morgan´s last blog post ..Time-Warp Wednesday

  68. Awwwwwwwwwesome! Congrats, how fun!!!

  69. happy SITS day to you sweet bella, looking forward to reading more of your blog – and congrats on baby #3 :) my husband and I contemplate a 3rd child, but I’m still so exhausted from the 2nd (he will be one years old on monday) – I do have a bucket list, and am finally starting to check things off, it’s a great feeling, and a great place to house my dreams! have a glorious day bella

  70. Congratulations on the new little guy and your SITS day. And I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but I must say that I find you to be an incredibly fascinating and inspiring person.
    Grace´s last blog post ..A Happy Wreck on Duval Street

  71. Penelope
    Twitter: foster2forever

    Congrats on another stinky boy! Remember it’s all the husbands fault! We also have 2 boys. Since we are foster parents, we are just saying no to any more boys.
    Penelope´s last blog post ..I Really Do Want to Look Like Angelina Jolie

  72. Congrats on another little boy!!!
    Shana´s last blog post ..Still fumbling…

  73. Caren with a "C"
    Twitter: PresrvHmBasics

    Happy SITS day! How exciting another boy! I came across your blog within the last few weeks. I think you are very inspiring for other women that are in wheelchairs. You certainly don’t let it stop you from living life.
    Caren with a “C”´s last blog post ..Garden Containers from Recycled Materials

  74. Yay! Happy SITS Day, Priscilla! I didn’t get to watch the video because my husband is napping next to me, but I can see from the comments that you’re having another boy. Congratulations! I couldn’t imagine having 3 boys…that sounds like a lot of work!

    Hope you have a great featured day!
    Jenn @ Coolest Family on the Block´s last blog post ..The One That Got Away

  75. Congrats to you! I have one of each and my boy is crazy. He makes us crazy too but he also makes us laugh a lot. Hope the rest of your pregnancy is safe and healthy!

  76. bianca
    Twitter: becomingbianca

    What a FUN SITS day to announce your new baby’s gender! So fun that you are having a 3rd boy! I was a nanny for a family of 3 boys in Dallas for the past 4 years (right up until I got married in October and moved to Florida). Boys are a blast! As I’m sure you know already having 2! Congratulations!
    bianca´s last blog post ..chocolate covered party – the food

  77. Congrats on your SITS day! Your little guys are so cute, and congrats on having another boy. I have 4 boys, 1 girl, and it is so much fun to watch my 3 little boys interact. Crazy, but fun :)
    TornadoTwos´s last blog post ..Will Work For Diapers

  78. Leslie Limon
    Twitter: Leslie_Limon

    YAY! It’s your SITS Day! I love it when blogs I already follow are featured. :) Hope you have the best of days. :)

    And congratulations on finding out that you’re having a boy. The video of your boys is too cute. :)
    Leslie Limon´s last blog post ..Sick of being sick

  79. Congrats. I have four boys and feel so blessed. You will now be regarded as even more of a wonder woman. xo- Brigetta
    Transparent Mama´s last blog post ..The Importance of Family Identity

  80. Congrats on the new baby boy! Found your blog via SITS so happy sits day as well. Great blog and I’m so glad you were featured! My mom is also wheelchair bound due to a wreck and I forwarded your blog to her to give her some encouragment.

    Have a great sits day!
    Megan´s last blog post ..Terrible Ideas Dont you just love those

  81. Great blog! Adorable children! Congratualtions! Happy SITS Day!
    Bella´s last blog post ..What do you stand for

  82. Hey there! I’m visiting from SITS! Congrats on being today’s FB…and BIG CONGRATS regarding your news about having another boy! How exciting! I really love your blog…I will be back!
    April´s last blog post ..I Think Ill Keep Him!

  83. Kelly
    Twitter: JandK13

    Happy SITS Day!!! And congratulations! :-) Your boys are really cute.

    Can’t wait to read around your blog…
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Winner- Winner Pancake Dinner

  84. Happy SITS day and congratulations on having another boy! I love your blog and your tenacious spirit. :)
    Kate {The Parchment Girl}´s last blog post ..Mailbox Monday Episode 24

  85. shelley
    Twitter: shelleyellen

    congrats on your sits day honey! glad you got it in while you are doing the 31dbbb! so glad to have met you!
    and congrats on number 3!!
    shelley´s last blog post ..Do you Hashtag

  86. What a wonderful inspiring blog! Congratulations on the new baby and have a great SITS day!

  87. Welcome to the all boy community! I have 3, but they are mostly grown. Fortunately, the oldest has given me two granddaughters, so I get to buy a little girl stuff every now and then!

    You’re in for a treat – I wanted girls at first, but I LOVE my boys and I don’t know what I’d do if I’d had a girl in the mix. And besides, they’re CHEAPER! Jeans, t-shirts and tennis shoes and my boys are perfectly happy – even happier if there are skulls, or flames, or flaming skulls. Hey, typical teenaged boys!
    Adrian´s last blog post ..Stamped Stuff- Sewing Projects w-the Big Shot

  88. Welcome to the very special, very unoffical Moms-with-3+-Sons Club (no daughters allowed). It is amazing. Sadly, being a mom of so many sons doesn’t carry the cache it did 2,000 years ago, much less 200 years ago. The secret is that moms of sons recognize the awesomeness of it! You will love it(being a mom of just sons) ! Believe me! You will!
    bluecottonmemory´s last blog post ..Sons- Love and The Girl

  89. congrats on being featured AND having another boy!! your story is amazing!! your story is so encouraging!!!
    julia´s last blog post ..Working Moms Guide to Making Time For You!

  90. Ashley Marie
    Twitter: ashleydreamup

    It’a boy!! Congrats and yay for not haivng to spend an insain amount of money on pink stuff :)

    Happy SITS day.
    Ashley Marie´s last blog post ..Looking for a house – part one

  91. Tina Lavender says:

    Yipee! Boys are awesome as you well know, so excited to see a post soon titled “My Three Sons”…

  92. Congrats on your SITS Day and the upcoming male. For some reason I can’t get the old sitcom My Three Sons out of my head. I’ll bet your life is nothing like that at all. :-)
    Madison´s last blog post ..The Sweet Smell of Chemicals

  93. Happy SITS day! Congrats on the new pregnancy! You are very inspiring! I really enjoyed looking around your blog!
    Bethany Lewis´s last blog post ..An offer he cant refuse

  94. Congratulations on your baby boy! Boy or girl, babies are always a blessing and so much fun to have!

    Happy SITS Day!

  95. Congratulations on your baby boy! Boy or girl, babies are always a blessing and so much fun to have!

    Happy SITS Day!
    Michelle @ Fun On A Dime´s last blog post ..Service Opportunity – “Calling All Angels”

  96. alyce
    Twitter: culinarythymes

    I am inspired your story. Congrats on your sits post!

  97. Happy SITS day! What a special day.


  98. Mrs.Mayhem
    Twitter: motheringmayhem

    Congrats on your SITS day!

    And also on your 3rd boy! Little boys are so much fun!

  99. Congrats on welcoming another baby boy!! how thrilling for them all to grow up together, rowdy and fun!

    Happy SITS day!
    Alicia (In a Mason Jar)´s last blog post ..In the Canning Room baking Doggie Biscuits

  100. Happy SITS day, and congratulations! I only have one, but boys are all kinds of fun!
    Ginger´s last blog post ..Dollars and sense

  101. Congrats on your baby and on your SITS feature! What an exciting time for you. I’m your newest follower and am excited to learn more about your blog. Feel free to stop by anytime and say hi :)

    Dacia´s last blog post ..PTR week 6- Baseball T-shirts

  102. Jayme
    Twitter: tatertwins

    Congrats! My first three are all boys as well :)
    Jayme´s last blog post ..40 Winks

  103. The Drama Mama
    Twitter: poopscoopinmama

    Happy SITS day and congratulations on another boy. I absolutely adore your positive attitude. I’m glad I met you today.
    The Drama Mama´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday- Love Me Tender

  104. Michelle
    Twitter: greenearthbazar

    Congratulations on your SITS day. What an inspirational story you have. Hope your day is a special one.

    Michelle 😉
    Michelle´s last blog post ..One Light

  105. I found your blog today on SITS. Wonderful blog! :)

  106. Katie
    Twitter: singlesandpairs

    Stopping by from SITS!
    Congratulations on another boy :) His brothers must be positively thrilled!
    Katie´s last blog post ..How To Be Alone

  107. Jennifer
    Twitter: alwaysnwonder

    Stopping by from SITS, loved your inspiring interview. Thanks for sharing with us, and congratulations on your new baby! 3 seems so overwhelming to me. haha.
    Jennifer´s last blog post ..People of Our Park-Exhibit 1

  108. Happy SITS Day!!

    Wow, I’m in love with your blog. I read your story over on SITS and am excited to poke around here to read more of it.

    CONGRATS on having another boy! Your kids are precious :)


  109. Congrats on your new baby boy!!!
    Jennifer Schroeder´s last blog post ..fairy play

  110. congratulations! a boy!!!

  111. Jen
    Twitter: difbutdeterm

    Found you via SITS and so glad I did too. I’ve read a few of your posts already and love it.

    Congrats on another boy, they are wonderful things for mommies to have, not that girls aren’t, I love my girl deeply. Aw never mind, I’m just gonna wish you a double congrats for today and move on.

  112. Boy oh boy! Congratulations on both your baby boy and your SITS Day. I have a sister-in-law who has only boys. She says she likes it because there is never any question about who the queen is.
    Grams´s last blog post ..One of those subjects we should avoid Religion

  113. bibi
    Twitter: MsBibiB

    Congratulations on boy number 3. That’s so exciting.
    bibi´s last blog post ..Waiting For Miracle-George Canyon Letter

  114. Congrats!!!
    Shame tho that you don’t get “to spend an insane amount of money of lots of pink” lol :)
    Fenny´s last blog post ..A taste of my Bipolar Disorder challenges

  115. vivi b.
    Twitter: teacher_viviene

    congratulations on your new baby boy! your kids are cute!

    and congrats on being featured!! =D
    vivi b.´s last blog post ..Our Valentine’s Celebration

  116. Congratulations on a boy!! I am expecting my first baby, due in July. We find out tomorrow whether it’s a boy or girl, and I’m so excited.

    From what I read on SITS, you sound like such an amazing woman to have overcome the hardships life has thrown at you. I look forward to reading more on your blog, and congrats on your SITS Day!
    Samantha´s last blog post ..Having a Baby Changes Everything

  117. Beth Zimmerman
    Twitter: bethzimmerman

    Boy Oh Boy! Congratulations and it is a delight to meet you! Actually I was in Austin but I don’t think we officially met. Hope you’re enjoying your SITS Day!
    Beth Zimmerman´s last blog post ..Attention Disney – This is NOT Okay!

  118. Beth Zimmerman
    Twitter: bethzimmerman

    Ewwwww I don’t like that face! I promise I look NOTHING like that in real life!
    Beth Zimmerman´s last blog post ..Attention Disney – This is NOT Okay!

  119. Broot
    Twitter: BrootFloon

    Congratulations!! Your boys are wonderful. Happy SITS day!! Now I have to have a good look around. :)
    Broot´s last blog post ..Wedding dress musings

  120. Frelle
    Twitter: frelle

    Congratulations to you! And happy SITS day to you too! So glad I found you again recently!!

  121. Yay for baby boys! Congrats on your SITS day too!

    And thanks for stopping by my blog and for your virtual HUG! I am a hugger fo shiz and it’s nice to get one online! :)

    Off to read more of your blog….tootaloo for now!
    Stacy’s Snippets´s last blog post ..Another One Bites the Dust

  122. The Flying Chalupa
    Twitter: theflyingchlupa

    Happy SITS day – and congrats on the new baby! Three boys is a wonderful gift (and a great way to stay young!). All the best.

  123. Not a Perfect Mom
    Twitter: notaperfectmama

    Happy SITS Day! And congrats on another boy! Now you’ll never get that pee smell out of the bathroom….or is that just me?
    I read your FAQ and loved your honesty…and really? how on earth are some people so flippin’ stupid?

  124. Congrats. You’re going to have a houseful, aren’t you?!
    Stephanie Faris´s last blog post ..Rock N Roll Is Dead SERIOUSLY

  125. Tree
    Twitter: amotherofpearl

    Congratulations on your SITS feature, AND an extra special congrats on your 3rd baby boy!! I also have 3 boys.. and 2 girls. Your interview was awesome and I thank you for sharing your story with us.
    Tree´s last blog post ..Natural Skin Shop Deep Peel Kit Review!

  126. Lynn
    Twitter: autismarmymom

    Congratulations on your SITS day! And on your 3rd baby boy…you’ll have to hold off on that pink shopping spree!
    Lynn´s last blog post ..Tooth and Consequences- The First Baby Tooth Bites It

  127. Coming over from SITS. Happy SITS Day! Enjoy. Congratulations on having another boy.
    Wyletter´s last blog post ..An Attitude Of Gratitude

  128. I found you today on the SITS website, and I’m glad I did! Although I was rooting for a girl, a boy is just as sweet. All we ever want as mothers are our babies to be healthy. I will be back to view your page and follow the new addition! Good luck to you and God Bless! :)
    My Somewhat Simple Life´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday

  129. Sarah Ruth
    Twitter: SarahRuthToday

    Congrats!! And Happy SITS day!
    Sarah Ruth´s last blog post ..Tasty Food that’s Healthy too

  130. Congrats on your SITS day as well as your new little joy!
    Amanda´s last blog post ..My First Fashion Piece

  131. Congrats on Baby boy #3! How exciting…and congrats on your SITS day. So excited for you!

    Have a great one.
    Tammy´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday Before and After

  132. Emily faliLV
    Twitter: FamilyNLifeLV

    Congrats on your feature on SITS! So cool they worked with you to do it today!
    Yay for another beautiful boy! I bet his brothers are super excited!!
    You have a beautiful family!
    Emily faliLV´s last blog post ..Sid the Science Kid – Sid’s Sing Along Review and Giveaway

  133. Erin
    Twitter: ErinsMiracles

    Happy Happy Everything!!!
    Happy SITS and congrats on your new baby boy!!
    Definitely an exciting day for you!
    Erin´s last blog post ..An Epiphany

  134. LisaDay
    Twitter: LisaMDayC

    Happy belated SITS day and congrats on Baby No. 3.


  135. denice
    Twitter: kdcevents

    Happy SITS day! Sorry I am a day late =) Congrats on the baby boy! I can barely handle my 2 boys! Good luck =)
    denice´s last blog post ..1-2 Marathon 2 COMPLETED!

  136. Austin Girl
    Twitter: austingirl

    Helllooooo!!! Congrats on SITS Day and the new baby. OMG! You met Tiffany? (jealous). I really want to attend Bloggy Camp. What a cute blog. Love it! I will def follow the adventures with your three boys. I have 3 dogs + 2 older step-children. (no kids of my own – just the doggies + hubby)

  137. test. I want to see if I can reply from dashboard and still send email.

  138. How exciting….found you from SITS. Happy SITS Day

  139. I Thought I Knew Mama
    Twitter: ithoughtiknewma

    Congratulations, and Happy SITS Day! So glad to have found you!
    I Thought I Knew Mama´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday- A Tribute to Reading

  140. Congrats on 3 beautiful boys! Excited to follow you on GFC.

    Stopping by from SITS
    Christina´s last blog post ..Once Upon a Thankful Thursday

  141. Happy SITS Day, and congratulations on your baby boy! How exciting! Thank you for swinging by my blog on my SITS Day. Now, I want to see what’s been cooking since your big day and big reveal.
    Jean Has Been Shopping´s last blog post ..My SITS Day

  142. classycareergirl
    Twitter: classycareer

    Congrats on your baby and your SITS day!! Congrats!

  143. Yay for BOYS! Congratulations and ya for being featured on SITS! 😀

  144. @The Drama Mama, Positive is the only way to go :) Thank you.

  145. @Michelle, Thank you. My day has been great and now I am enjoying everyone’s wonderful comments.

  146. @Ashley @ Orange Daisies, I love the name of your blog. That sounds fun. Thanks for visiting.

  147. @Katie, Thank you. I think the boy’s are thrilled. The oldest was hoping for a sister this time and the youngest hasn’t quite figured it all out yet but I know they will be thrilled when he arrives.

  148. @Jennifer, Aww, thanks. I think DH is overwhelmed too .. I am sure I will have many days where I am as well.

  149. @Lindsay {DesignerWife}, Thank you so much!!! Yur blog name sounds too fun. I can’t wait to see what you have to say.

  150. @Jennifer Schroeder, Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day.

  151. @Deidre, Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day.

  152. @Jen, Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day. I love my boys dearly and a girl would have been nice but I will be so TRULY blessed to have THREE Mamma’s boys!! hheheh

  153. @Grams, HAHAH I love it. I would get along with her because I’ve said I will be princess Mommy if this is a boy and it’s true. NOW I AM !! WOOO HOOO!! Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day.

  154. @bibi, YAY I found and approved you. I haven’t read the other comments on the other posts yet but just wanted to reply (which should email you) so you know it’s approved. Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day.

  155. @Fenny, I think my husband is VERY thrilled that I won’t be bankrupting us (joking!) He did want a girl though. Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day.

  156. @vivi b., Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day. I think the kiddos are pretty cute too ;).

  157. @Samantha, Congrats to you too!! I’ll have to check in with you later this week to see what you are having. WHen is your due date? Mine is July 12. We likely won’t go past June 28th though. Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day.

  158. @Beth Zimmerman, Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day. So you were at Bloggy Boot Camp? :) Awesome. That was fun.

    LOL at your next comment. I promise that I believe you. :)

  159. @Broot, Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day. I think my boys are pretty wonderful too!! I hope you enjoyed looking around.

  160. @Frelle, Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day. You don’t have a way for me to connect with you on twitter or a blog. Let me know if you want to add one.

  161. @Stacy’s Snippets, Hahaha! you are welcome. You are funny. I love online hugs. They are miracle cures. Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day.

  162. @The Flying Chalupa, I hope they keep me young!! HAHA Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day.

  163. @Not a Perfect Mom, Not just you. I only have one peeing in the bathroom right now (the 2.5 year old wants to but doesn’t YET.) and I cant get it out. NOT looking forward to 3 peeing wherever it is they pee in there.

    Yup. People are crazy. Oh well. Keeps life interesting. Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day.

  164. @Lynn, No pink shopping for us (unless you count me and my pink kitchen)

    Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day.

  165. @Wyletter, Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day and for the congrats.

  166. @Miel Abeille, Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day. Children truly are blessings, aren’t they :) ?

  167. @Allison, Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day. We are very excited.

  168. @Making It Work Mom, Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day. Boys are very awesome.

  169. @Stephanie Faris, Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day and YES. My house is going to full and LOUD. BUT AWESOME! :)

  170. @Heather ~ Acting Balanced Mom, Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day and for the congrats :)

  171. @Lee, Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day. We are very excited about that addition 😉 .

  172. @Tree, Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day and for the congrats. You’re welcome on the sharing. Five kids sounds awesome. My husband would not go for it, as much as I would love it.

  173. @Jade @ No Longer 25, Thank you. I’m not sure WHY I thought of it but I like to involve the boys when I can.

  174. @Sorta Southern Single Mom, Oh, no. I’m sorry it didn’t load for you. It’s a boy :) Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day.

  175. @Tonya, Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day.

  176. @marina, Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day. I’m grateful for so many kind visitors.

  177. @Melissa, Thank you :) I was very thrilled that today could be my day :)

  178. @Sunday, Ha!! Thanks. He definitely cracks me up :)

  179. @white collar | green soul, Oh, my! You are right. It will be a ZOO!!! AHHH!! A fun Zoo though. There is a book that says the mom feels like she’s living in a zoo. Fitting. :)

  180. @Rebecca Watson, Thank you for stopping by. I may be interested. I haven’t done any guest posts before but I do want to. I never know what to write about somewhere else. :)

  181. @The SuperMom Blues, Aww, thanks. I think so, too ;). Thanks so much for visiting on my SITS day.

  182. @alison, Interesting is good. I think this will be it for us. As much as I’d love more kids (girl or more boys) I don’t think hubby would go for it and my doctor certainly wouldn’t …Thanks so much for visiting on my SITS day.

  183. @Karen, Teen years will definitely make me happy there are no other females in the house — YIKES. hahah
    Thanks so much for visiting on my SITS day.

  184. @Jessica, Thanks so much for visiting on my SITS day. I am sure you have quite an inspiring life as well! Nice to meet you too.

  185. @Nicole @MTDLBlog, Thanks so much for visiting on my SITS day. Positive is the best way to be. I look forward to making you a bloggy freind 😀

  186. @SaucyB, Other People keep life interesting, that is for sure. Thanks so much for visiting on my SITS day.

  187. @Sandy, I loved that part, too. I am so glad he said that and not just 3. Thanks so much for visiting on my SITS day.

  188. @Lindsay, Thanks so much for visiting on my SITS day. :)

  189. @Jen, Boys are VERY awesome. :) Thanks so much for visiting on my SITS day.

  190. @Jill, Thanks so much for visiting on my SITS day. I am sure there will be SO MANY stories to tell about him once he gets here. Same with my others. hah

  191. @Angie, Thanks so much for visiting on my SITS day. I am guessing I will get used to being outnumbered soon enough. I hope you enjoyed looking around the rest of the blog.

  192. @Kimberly, I think he LOVED it. He’s a pretty awesome big brother. Thanks so much for visiting on my SITS day.

  193. @Tina @ Life Without Pink, Thanks so much for visiting on my SITS day…headed to check you out 😀 heheh.

  194. @Jeannie, Charming, indeed. I love my boys. :) Thanks so much for visiting on my SITS day.

  195. @Elizabeth, Thanks girl :) I thrilled to see you stopped by today.

  196. @Amy W., That would be VERY neat. I do not think there is a many form of Lisa, is there? Thanks so much for visiting on my SITS day.

  197. @Nicky, Thanks so much for visiting on my SITS day.

  198. @My Somewhat Simple Life, Thanks so much for visiting on my SITS day. We wanted a girl because we didn’t have one but at the same time wanted a boy because we know boys. :) It was a blessing either way. :)

  199. Frelle
    Twitter: frelle

    @Priscilla, commenting back to leave my twitter link :)

  200. @gigi, 3 Boys is VERY exciting. Thank you for visiting yesterday :)

  201. @Sarah Ruth, Thank you. I aprreciate you taking time to visit yesterday

  202. @Austin Girl, Yes, Tiffany was awesome. I think there was twitter talk about maybe a Dallas Boot camp?? I plan to attend if so. :)

    Thanks for visiting. Hubby is plenty of work some days, heheh.

  203. @denice, thanks for visiting. I think we all assume we have more then we can handle until we have more to handle .. .then we manage :)

  204. @LisaDay, Thank you!! :)

  205. send?

  206. @Jayme, I haven’t been to your blog yet but how many do you have? Thanks for visiting.

  207. @Southern Queen of the Crazies, Thank you for visiting. :)

  208. @Ash, Heheh, you made me giggle with your squeal . I have already had about 3 people ask if we are going to try one more time. Craziness.

  209. @Lorna, Thank you :)

  210. @Carrie, Oh, Ruffles would be so fun and a cute tutu??? I don’t think DH would go for it though, heheh. I think all of my boys witll be Mama’s Boys (Or at least I can hope!!?)

    Thanks for visiting.

  211. @one cluttered brain, Thanks girlie 😀

  212. @Pamela, Hello neighbor :)

    Austin is pretty awesome. Do you think you’d ever get to come back?

    Thanks for visiting.

  213. @Amber, Thank you and thank you 😀

  214. @Rachael @ Tutus and Tantrumns, Wasn’t that just the cutest?? he’s totally hamming it up for the camera 😀

    thanks for stopping by.

  215. @Maggi, Thank you and I will :) I can’t wait for tiny baby snuggles.

  216. @Christine, Thank you.

  217. @misssrobin, Thanks!! I appreiate you visiting.

  218. @Renee, Thank you. I think they are pretty beautiful too 😀 heheh

  219. @(Florida) Girl with a New Life, HEheh. That was pretty cute, huh?? DH got a kick out of it too. Thanks for visiting.

  220. @Chelsea, Congrats to you!! I don’t know if I could NOT find out. I might have to know and jsut not tell DH. AHAH.Thanks for visiting.

  221. @Kerri, Thank you and Thanks for visiting.

  222. @Jacki, Oh yes!! I will be over run with testosterone!! HAH. Thanks for visiting.

  223. @Suzanne, Thank YOU. I hope to see you around. I’ll be visiting you soon.

  224. @Losing Brownies, Thank you :)

  225. @Erin, Thank you. It was very exciting to finally know WHO we were having :)

  226. @Ginger, Thank you and YES. Boys are a blast.

  227. @bluecottonmemory, I already love it so I am excited to see what having THREE holds for me 😀

    Thansk for stopping by.

  228. @shelley, Thank you for visiting on SITS days. **waving back**. I’ll see you around SITS :)

  229. @Leslie Limon, Thank you times 3!! HAHa. It is exciting when fun things happen for people we “know”. I hope you had a good day too.

  230. @Selena & Anna, Thank you. Yes, it’s loud but it’s fun. I love seeing my first 2 together and its going to be SO FUN to hve them interact as they get older and hopefully become great friends.

  231. @Jenn @ Coolest Family on the Block, Thank you. I am sure it will be TONS of work but very much worth it. I hope you were able to watch the video later.. It’s super cute.

  232. @Mommy Crib Notes, Go for 3!!! I can’t say for sure just yet but I have a feeling it will be awesome!!

  233. @Jenn @ South of Sheridan, Thanks girl!! I’m thrilled that we “met”. :)

  234. @Kate {The Parchment Girl}, You’re sweet. Thank you. I appreciate your visit. :)

  235. @Tina Lavender, Yes. There will be a post by that name when I get home from the hospital or maybe while I am still there? We miss you guys!

  236. @Transparent Mama, 4? That’s awesome. William’s TKD instructors have 6 boys. :) I just hope my boys and daughters in law are as close as theirs are :)

  237. @Michelle @ Fun On A Dime, Yes, they are a TRUE and wonderful blessing. Thank you.

  238. @Everyday Mama, Thanks for visiting and PLEASE do follow. ‘ll be sure to tell you how wonderful it is so you join me in 3, hahah.

  239. @Jenny Yarbrough, Thanks. So far, life has been quite fun!! I love it.

  240. @Sarah, HAH. My boys definitely make me crazy some days but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

  241. @Adrian, Yes. They are cheaper, heheh.

  242. @Christine, Thank you.

  243. @Susie’s Homemade, Thank you. :)

  244. @Alethea @I’m Domestic…not DEAD!, Thank you very much. :)

  245. @LaDonna Rae, Very exciting. Thank you.

  246. @I Thought I Knew Mama, Thank you. I am thrilled you found me too. I hope to see you around.

  247. @Rene W., You’re very sweet. Thank you.

  248. @Living the Balanced Life, Oh, my! You are very right. It will be so full of male energy. It will be loads of fun though! thank you.

  249. @Kami, I’ll definitely have to stop by your blog. I’m only vaguely familar with that. At least it sounds familar. Thank you for stopping by.

    (P.S. can you somehow let me know if this went to your email, obviously you won’t know unless it does but I am not 100% sure if replies are being sent or not! Thanks.)

  250. @Kristy, Thank you, thank you and thank you. HAHA. I love the name of your blog. Off to check it out.

  251. @Astrid, Another boy will be awesome! Thank you. :)

  252. @Jennie B, Another boy will be wonderful! Thank you :)

  253. @Amy, I love it! I’ll have to remember that one. Thank you.

  254. @Bibi, You are right. It is an ABSOLUTE blessing. Thank you.

  255. @Morgan, I am TOTALLY outnumbered. I hope they do too! Thank you.

  256. @CK, Thank you! I think it is going to be a blast :) — how could it not?

  257. @Grace, Thank you very much for everything. You words really mean a lot! I appreciate you stopping by. :)

  258. @Penelope, Yup. They determine it. NOT me. It’s all him. Maybe some day we will Foster. I think that would be a fascinating and wonderful experience. MAybe. I don’t know if DH would be up for it.

  259. @Megan, Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I hope she enjoys it. Was she in a chair while you were growing up?!

  260. @Caren with a “C”, Thank you. I think it’s important not to let anything stop you :)

  261. @Michelle @ Fun On A Dime, Babies are the most awesome blessing ever. IT’s the 3rd time and I am just as excited as the first :)

    Thank you.

  262. @Tammy, Thank you.

  263. @Dacia, Thank you very much. It’s very exciting. I will be stopping by. SOON!!

  264. @Shana, Thank you.

  265. @julia, Thank you for everything you said. It was very kind :)

  266. @bianca, You must have had fun. WHat were there ages? Congrats on your recent wedding. Thank you for stopping by.

  267. @TornadoTwos, Thank you!! It is a blast to watch my boys interact, I agree!! Yes, Crazy, but I wouldnt have it any other way.

  268. @Bella, Nice and too the point, hehe. Thanks.

  269. @mangiabella, You’ll be exhausted with 2 or 3. Go for it ;). Thank you very much for stopping and for your sweet words.

  270. @April, Thank you very much for all the congrats. I hope to see you again. I’ll be visting you soon, too!

  271. @Kelly, Aww, thank you. I hope you found something interesting on my blog. HAHa. Thanks for stopping in.

  272. @Ashley Marie, Thanks and yes. Not spending money is good but it would have been SO. MUCH. FUN!!!

  273. @Madison, HAha! Yes. I think you are at least the 10th person to say that. The first was the Ultrasound tech, hahah.

  274. @Bethany Lewis, Aww, thank you. Your kind words are very appreciated.

  275. @alyce, I am thrilled I can inspire, THANK YOU. and thank you for visiting.

  276. @Angie, Thank you :)

  277. @Mrs.Mayhem, Boys are a TON of fun. Thank you. :)

  278. @Alicia (In a Mason Jar), I totally agree with your comment. It’s going to be SO much fun. I can only imagine what tehy are going to get into. Oh, my!! heheh. Thank you.

  279. @Amanda, Aww, thnk you.

  280. @Emily faliLV, Thank you! Yes, I am very grateful they worked with me. They are incredibly awesome! I appreciate you visiting. :)

  281. @Priscilla, Yes. She had her accident when I was 16 years old and honestly, that act caused me to be afraid of driving so it took me a while to get my driver’s license. The first year of her recovery, I would come home and take care of her. She eventually did walk again, so she wasn’t paralyzed but her life was dramatically changed.

    She’s now happily retired and hanging out at home. She loved the blog by the way.

  282. I’m thrilled she like it :)

  283. Kami
    Twitter: themommadiaries


    I did receive it at my email :)
    Kami´s last blog post ..My Dad needs a Liver Transplant

  284. @Christina, Thank you!! I appreciate you stoping by and following :).

  285. @Jean Has Been Shopping, I’m sure there will be lots of exciting things to come! Thanks for stopping.

  286. @classycareergirl, Thank you :)

  287. @Priscilla, Thank you! We are also having a boy!! My due date is July 7.
    Samantha´s last blog post ..Were Having a


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