I’m having a . . .

Baby, of course.

Please hold still. I want to get to the really good stuff, but first I have to thank the WONDERFUL girls at SITS. ( I met Tiffany in October.YAY!)

If you don’t know who they are then click this cute little button and learn all about what they do:

If you found me because I’m being featured, then THANK YOU and WELCOME.

Oh, yeah. You have all been going crazy to know if I will be welcoming my 3rd little boy or if I will get to spend an insane amount of money of lots of pink?

Well, yesterday I had my ultrasound and I really want to thank Tiffany and Francesca for working with me so I could use today as my feature and announcement day.

I got off track again. Sorry. I’m a tease. I know. Anyways, we are going to be welcoming……………

Will tells everyone if the baby is a girl or a boy.

Before you leave make sure you connect with me on twitter or facebook so you can come back and follow us in our adventure with 3 kids!!


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    Yay for boys! I’m expecting our 3rd baby in May. We’ve chosen to not find out the sex. We have 2 boys already and everyone is always asking, Are you hoping for a girl? Well, yeah, that would be great, but we’d love a healthy boy too! Congratulations!

    • Priscilla says

      @Ellie, We got those questions all the time too!! I wanted what I got. If they said girl … girl. Boy … boy. awesomeness with either option. :)

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    congratulations on your newest impending arrival…we have 3 boys and 1 girls and they keep our home very interesting and…fun. just over from sits and wishing you a happy day in the spotlight.


    stuff and nonsense
    alison´s last blog post ..A Winner and A Valentine

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    Happy SITS day ! I have two boys. Once upon a time I wished for a girl… then we hit the teen years and I was happy to cruise through with no added estrogen in the house.

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    Congrats on your SITS day and the next little man you will be welcoming into your family!

    I really got a kick out of your FAQ. My god, people can be so thoughtless/rude. You’ve got a great perspective!

    Enjoy your day in the spotlight! :-)

    SaucyB’s last blog… CUTEST. PUPPY. EVER.

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    I love it! “Four if you count Daddy.” hehe!

    Congrats on the baby boy! Three boys in a row is awesome! My first 3 were boys!

    Enjoy your featured day! :)

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    Congratulations! Also, thank you for posting this vid; it’s adorable!

    I’m a mommy of two young men, so I know how delightful and charming they can be. They can be quite challenging at times, too, but I’m sure you’ll handle all of it with finesse. :)
    Jeannie´s last blog post ..Emotional Eating- Break the Cycle

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    Squeeeeeaaall!!! A new sweet, soft, snuggly bundle of blue. I’m so thrilled for you. We unplugged the oven, so to speak, after baby boy #2, so sadly we are done, but I imagine you’ve heard the same required “are you going to try again for a girl?” friendly questioning. Once upon a time, sure, but truth be told, you’re about to have my dream family.

    Here’s to hoping for a comfortable time during the rest of your pregnancy, and the joy of another soul to love.

    (congrats on SITS day as well. Zowee!)
    Ash´s last blog post ..Together- we can end this madness now

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    Congrats on your SITS day and your upcoming baby boy. I’m your neighbor down the road a bit in Houston and I’m jealous you live in Austin — that’s where I went to grad school.
    Glad I found you — excellent blog!

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    Congrats on your upcoming new addition, as well as SITS Day! 3 boys? I officially give you permission to dress this baby in a few ruffles if needed. (my sister has a boy, and she said the only thing she regrets is not getting to dress him in cute outfits with ruffles). I don’t know why, but when I think of boys I imagine them all grown up and being super protective of their mama. I’m grooming my 9 month old to be a mama’s boy, pure and simple. ;-) Congrats again, what a house full of love you have!
    Carrie´s last blog post ..The Post I Shouldnt Publish- Part 2

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    Happy SITS day Priscilla!
    Thank you for sharing your inspirational story and your VERY exciting news!!!!

    My sister and I (of Annie & Isabel) have 6 boys between us.. so, we feel SO happy that you will get to experience an all boy house like us.. there is nothing like the love between brothers.. so fun, so crazy, well… SO LOUD! We’ll admit, we would have enjoyed a little “pink”… but, feel so lucky as I am sure you do too!

    We look forward to following along the way.. enjoy the second half of your pregnancy!!!!

    Selena & Anna

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    Happy SITS day and congrats on adding to your family!! Another boy! I’ll follow you to find out how it is with 3…we’re thinking of the idea but it’s making me exhausted at the thought :) Love, love your blog…a new follower now :)
    Everyday Mama´s last blog post ..Dream big!

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    happy SITS day to you sweet bella, looking forward to reading more of your blog – and congrats on baby #3 :) my husband and I contemplate a 3rd child, but I’m still so exhausted from the 2nd (he will be one years old on monday) – I do have a bucket list, and am finally starting to check things off, it’s a great feeling, and a great place to house my dreams! have a glorious day bella

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    Yay! Happy SITS Day, Priscilla! I didn’t get to watch the video because my husband is napping next to me, but I can see from the comments that you’re having another boy. Congratulations! I couldn’t imagine having 3 boys…that sounds like a lot of work!

    Hope you have a great featured day!
    Jenn @ Coolest Family on the Block´s last blog post ..The One That Got Away

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    Congrats to you! I have one of each and my boy is crazy. He makes us crazy too but he also makes us laugh a lot. Hope the rest of your pregnancy is safe and healthy!

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    What a FUN SITS day to announce your new baby’s gender! So fun that you are having a 3rd boy! I was a nanny for a family of 3 boys in Dallas for the past 4 years (right up until I got married in October and moved to Florida). Boys are a blast! As I’m sure you know already having 2! Congratulations!
    bianca´s last blog post ..chocolate covered party – the food

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    Welcome to the all boy community! I have 3, but they are mostly grown. Fortunately, the oldest has given me two granddaughters, so I get to buy a little girl stuff every now and then!

    You’re in for a treat – I wanted girls at first, but I LOVE my boys and I don’t know what I’d do if I’d had a girl in the mix. And besides, they’re CHEAPER! Jeans, t-shirts and tennis shoes and my boys are perfectly happy – even happier if there are skulls, or flames, or flaming skulls. Hey, typical teenaged boys!
    Adrian´s last blog post ..Stamped Stuff- Sewing Projects w-the Big Shot

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    Welcome to the very special, very unoffical Moms-with-3+-Sons Club (no daughters allowed). It is amazing. Sadly, being a mom of so many sons doesn’t carry the cache it did 2,000 years ago, much less 200 years ago. The secret is that moms of sons recognize the awesomeness of it! You will love it(being a mom of just sons) ! Believe me! You will!
    bluecottonmemory´s last blog post ..Sons- Love and The Girl

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    Found you via SITS and so glad I did too. I’ve read a few of your posts already and love it.

    Congrats on another boy, they are wonderful things for mommies to have, not that girls aren’t, I love my girl deeply. Aw never mind, I’m just gonna wish you a double congrats for today and move on.

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    Congratulations on a boy!! I am expecting my first baby, due in July. We find out tomorrow whether it’s a boy or girl, and I’m so excited.

    From what I read on SITS, you sound like such an amazing woman to have overcome the hardships life has thrown at you. I look forward to reading more on your blog, and congrats on your SITS Day!
    Samantha´s last blog post ..Having a Baby Changes Everything

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    Happy SITS Day! And congrats on another boy! Now you’ll never get that pee smell out of the bathroom….or is that just me?
    I read your FAQ and loved your honesty…and really? how on earth are some people so flippin’ stupid?

  21. says

    I found you today on the SITS website, and I’m glad I did! Although I was rooting for a girl, a boy is just as sweet. All we ever want as mothers are our babies to be healthy. I will be back to view your page and follow the new addition! Good luck to you and God Bless! :)
    My Somewhat Simple Life´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday

  22. says

    Helllooooo!!! Congrats on SITS Day and the new baby. OMG! You met Tiffany? (jealous). I really want to attend Bloggy Camp. What a cute blog. Love it! I will def follow the adventures with your three boys. I have 3 dogs + 2 older step-children. (no kids of my own – just the doggies + hubby)

  23. Priscilla says

    @Katie, Thank you. I think the boy’s are thrilled. The oldest was hoping for a sister this time and the youngest hasn’t quite figured it all out yet but I know they will be thrilled when he arrives.

  24. Priscilla says

    @Jen, Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day. I love my boys dearly and a girl would have been nice but I will be so TRULY blessed to have THREE Mamma’s boys!! hheheh

  25. Priscilla says

    @Grams, HAHAH I love it. I would get along with her because I’ve said I will be princess Mommy if this is a boy and it’s true. NOW I AM !! WOOO HOOO!! Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day.

  26. Priscilla says

    @bibi, YAY I found and approved you. I haven’t read the other comments on the other posts yet but just wanted to reply (which should email you) so you know it’s approved. Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day.

  27. Priscilla says

    @Fenny, I think my husband is VERY thrilled that I won’t be bankrupting us (joking!) He did want a girl though. Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day.

  28. Priscilla says

    @Samantha, Congrats to you too!! I’ll have to check in with you later this week to see what you are having. WHen is your due date? Mine is July 12. We likely won’t go past June 28th though. Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day.

  29. Priscilla says

    @Frelle, Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day. You don’t have a way for me to connect with you on twitter or a blog. Let me know if you want to add one.

  30. Priscilla says

    @Not a Perfect Mom, Not just you. I only have one peeing in the bathroom right now (the 2.5 year old wants to but doesn’t YET.) and I cant get it out. NOT looking forward to 3 peeing wherever it is they pee in there.

    Yup. People are crazy. Oh well. Keeps life interesting. Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day.

  31. Priscilla says

    @Tree, Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day and for the congrats. You’re welcome on the sharing. Five kids sounds awesome. My husband would not go for it, as much as I would love it.

  32. Priscilla says

    @alison, Interesting is good. I think this will be it for us. As much as I’d love more kids (girl or more boys) I don’t think hubby would go for it and my doctor certainly wouldn’t …Thanks so much for visiting on my SITS day.

  33. Priscilla says

    @Karen, Teen years will definitely make me happy there are no other females in the house — YIKES. hahah
    Thanks so much for visiting on my SITS day.

  34. Priscilla says

    @Jill, Thanks so much for visiting on my SITS day. I am sure there will be SO MANY stories to tell about him once he gets here. Same with my others. hah

  35. Priscilla says

    @Angie, Thanks so much for visiting on my SITS day. I am guessing I will get used to being outnumbered soon enough. I hope you enjoyed looking around the rest of the blog.

  36. Priscilla says

    @Austin Girl, Yes, Tiffany was awesome. I think there was twitter talk about maybe a Dallas Boot camp?? I plan to attend if so. :)

    Thanks for visiting. Hubby is plenty of work some days, heheh.

  37. Priscilla says

    @Ash, Heheh, you made me giggle with your squeal . I have already had about 3 people ask if we are going to try one more time. Craziness.

  38. Priscilla says

    @Carrie, Oh, Ruffles would be so fun and a cute tutu??? I don’t think DH would go for it though, heheh. I think all of my boys witll be Mama’s Boys (Or at least I can hope!!?)

    Thanks for visiting.

  39. Priscilla says

    @Selena & Anna, Thank you. Yes, it’s loud but it’s fun. I love seeing my first 2 together and its going to be SO FUN to hve them interact as they get older and hopefully become great friends.

  40. Priscilla says

    @Kami, I’ll definitely have to stop by your blog. I’m only vaguely familar with that. At least it sounds familar. Thank you for stopping by.

    (P.S. can you somehow let me know if this went to your email, obviously you won’t know unless it does but I am not 100% sure if replies are being sent or not! Thanks.)

  41. Priscilla says

    @Penelope, Yup. They determine it. NOT me. It’s all him. Maybe some day we will Foster. I think that would be a fascinating and wonderful experience. MAybe. I don’t know if DH would be up for it.

  42. says

    @Priscilla, Yes. She had her accident when I was 16 years old and honestly, that act caused me to be afraid of driving so it took me a while to get my driver’s license. The first year of her recovery, I would come home and take care of her. She eventually did walk again, so she wasn’t paralyzed but her life was dramatically changed.

    She’s now happily retired and hanging out at home. She loved the blog by the way.


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