Project 52: Week 17 & 18


Week 17:

Okay. So I cheated just a little this week. This pictures is about 5 weeks old, but it’s from a recent “date day” I had with “the one I love”. I had a Sea World event and we needed a sitter for the boys. It was such a great, refreshing day to spend alone. The top photo shows us giddy and on our way there and the bottom picture shows us “sad” to be heading home. It’s clearly a fake sad. We were eager to see our boys after being gone all day. I can’t think my friend Anna enough for watching the boys and giving us this MUCH, MUCH needed time to ourselves.


Week 18:


This is another “Free” week, so I don’t have to stretch the meaning of the prompt. Not that I have to follow a prompt anyways but some- times that actually makes this adventure easier. This week I chose sort of a “what my kids see/WHat I wnat them to remember” struggle. I hate to admit it, but I am on my phone far too often. My kids see me looking down ALL. THE. TIME. I wnat my kids to see my eyes and my smile. It’s a much prettier sight. It’s easy to get wrapped up in social media but I need to be wrapped in my boys.


  1. Hi Priscilla! What a great website! You have an adorable family! I love that your kids are being silly in your Vlog. So cute. Also love the piece about wanting your kids to see your eyes and smile more. I’m guilty of the same thing…getting wrapped up in the phone or computer. This was a nice reminder to UNwrap :)

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