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This is me when I was 36 weeks pregnant with my 3rd son. Don’t hate. I look awesome.

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My name is Priscilla Hartman Hedlin. I must get my maiden name in there for anyone that doesn’t know me now. I live in Austin. Well, actually a suburb of Austin, called Pflugerville. The P is silent. I grew up in Shiner. Yes, where they make the beer and I lived in Vidor for a short amount of time. Not proud of the town but made some pretty amazing friends in the short time I was there.

I’ve been trying to rework this page for a while now so my readers could really get to know me, but that isn’t really easy. There is far to much to tell you and I don’t always want to overload The Wheelchair Mommy with stuff about me. I want this to be a keepsake for my boys and I haven’t been very good at posting about them lately.

I suppose when they are 30, they would much rather read about me anyways, but I still want to document their childhood. Just in case I don’t remember, ya know?!

As I began writing this I was planning to do a quick bullet point list of stuff about me. It’s the easy way out. Right? Then a thought occurred to me. I frequently have NO idea what to blog about. I can make each bullet point a blog post. Of course, not all at once, but maybe within the next year?!

Do not proceed unless you have at least 2 hours to dive in and read all the goodies. I know you will. I’m awesome like that. Many of the bullet points already have awesome blog posts links attached to them.

If you just want to see my intro vlog. It’s mostly short. A little loud. Super sweet.

and until I get the entire story typed out, here is the short version:

So many of you don’t know my
entire story. I was paralyzed in a car
wreck in 1999. I was 18 and just started college. The person driving was sober but my ex-sister-in-law was drunk and grabbed the wheel. We were going around a curve and another car was coming. I was thrown out. Nope. No seat belt. I was in the backseat. Not many adults wear one in the backseat, do they?! I never lost
consciousness and spent about 5 weeks in the hospital. That included a really long (12-15 hour) surgery to stabilize my spine. As soon as they let me, I was ready to get into therapy and learn what I had to so I could get on with my life. One thing I’ve said since the beginning is I am changed but still the same. To this day my attitude is positive and I don’t let the injury or the scars get me down. I still do EVERYTHING I want to do I¦just do it sitting down. I have a great life and couldn’t imagine being any happier. People are always asking me how I can be so positive and I tell them it’s because I want to. I dont get feeling sorry for myself. What good does that do me? No, thank you. I want to live my life and enjoy it and no one is going to keep me from doing that, most of all myself. So now you know. I have all kinds of scars on my body as a constant reminder of 9-12-99, but sometimes I still forget. I’ll be going about my business and forget I am actually sitting until I try to reach something high up or far away. It’s quite funny, really. Flame me if you want but I also get the biggest kick out of gimp humor.

Now all my dreams have come. Despite paralysis, I am a mommy!!!



  1. Badger Momma says

    I'm so glad you did the Monday Mingle otherwise I might have not found you or your blog. :) I totally love your humor and outlook.

  2. says

    Well, everybody else already said it but I can repeat it right? Love the blog! You rock. And no, not because you are positive despite being in a wheelchair – I would like the blog if you weren't "Wheelchair Mommy" – you are just that kind of person. :-) Glad I found your blog!
    ~ Alyna

  3. says

    Can't describe how excellent it is to "meet" other moms in wheelchairs. I'm the new mom to a 2-month-old. I have OI (brittle bones) and my husband does too. We're new to baby wrangling but I've been blogging for awhile-just not ever on a topic that's quite so much fun! I'm adding you to my link list now and will be back soon:)

  4. Isabella says

    I’ve only just read this page, and I love it already. I was paralyzed in 92, just after my 12th birthday. Not an actual spinal cord injury, no trauma to speak of, but a “we think this is what happened” sort of mystery. I’ve always dealt with it similarly – what good does feeling sorry about myself do? Why should I waste the tears, I’ve got stuff to do!! I’m about to turn 30 and I’m 12 weeks pregnant with my first and VERY excited to keep reading!

  5. says

    I just found your blog through The Blog Frog. My boyfriend’s brother is a disabled vet. He was also injured in a crash, he was in Korea and their armored truck rolled. Since the crash, he went on to meet his wife and they have 2 lovely children now. They have a charmed life now, he is an Olympic athlete, he competed in the 2010 games in Vancouver, on the US Curling Team. He and his family have a beautiful home, they travel, etc. This would never have been possible if he didn’t have his positive attitude. I’ve seen the Daddy version, I look forward to reading the Mommy version of parenting on wheels.

  6. says

    I LOVE your story…you’re so right!! Why let it get you depressed? What in the world would that help!! I am forever teasing wheelchair bound people when I meet them that I’d like to ride in their wheelchair. They think I’m crazy (which I probably am) but at least we all laugh about it. I love happy people no matter their circumstance.
    PatriciaD´s last blog post ..Photoshop Tutorial – Made for you

  7. says

    You and I are kindreds in our way of tackling life. What’s the point of focusing on the negative and letting it define us. I admire you and your resolve to live a great life in spite of the challenges you have been given. Thanks so much for stopping my little place in the bloggy world. :-) Tomorrow’s another great interview with MamaKat if you’re interested in more tips. :-)

  8. Priscilla says

    I guess I just make the time. It’s my only real hobby :).
    Boudoir?? ?hmmm …. No. Not right now anyways. 18 week pregnant belly isn’t all that cute. HAH.

  9. says

    You definitely have the right attitude! And I think more people need to learn to laugh at themselves, whether or not they’re in special circumstances. My boyfriend & SIL both rely on wheelchairs due to muscular dystrophy – & I’ve never met more people with a “crippled” sense of humor. If you don’t laugh about it, you’re gonna cry about it – & that’s so much worse.
    Renee´s last blog post ..Day 2 – Oh- how I love thee! Let me count the ways

  10. says

    I just found you on the SITS site… and thought I would pop over to say hello. Now I can’t stop reading this! You are an extraordinary person living an extraordinary life. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  11. says

    Wow…you are truly an amazing and strong woman!!! That is so wonderful because I think your attitude has definitely allowed you to make your dreams come true (minus the paralysis as you say:-)) I bet you appreciate life a lot more than many of us! Your boys are darling and they will all be so cute growing up together. My boys are almost 13, 12, 7 and 4 and it is so much fun watching them grow. I can only imagine when they are all adults:-)

    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!!


    • Priscilla says

      @Anna, Thank you. Your words are very kind. I’m not looking forward too mine being that old. I’m trying to enjoy it. Even the days it’s crazy and makes me cry.

  12. says

    I know what you mean about forgetting you’re in a wheelchair. I do the same thing…after 13 years in a wheelchair I still don’t consider myself handicapped…I remember the first time one of my kids drew a picture of me in a wheelchair, it totally shocked me cause i don’t see myself that way.
    Glad I found your blog.
    I’m following from bothe my blogs:
    Thanks, Becky Jane

  13. says

    I totally get the reaching thing….I’ve had a trach for almost 11 years, and I have to cover it to talk. After that many years, I STILL sometimes try to talk and “forget” to cover my trach, expecting sound to come out….Duh!


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