What are YOU reading?!

I’m so excited that William loves to read.

He’s been a busy little boy this summer; he’s read almost the ENTIRE Magic Tree House Series.

I believe there are 35 books.

That’s not all.

He’s also reading the Indian in Cupboard series!

Who remembers those!?

Oh, and let’s not forget 1/2 a dozen random books not in a series!

We are barely 4 weeks into the summer! He’s a fast reader.

I found quizzes for the first few books because I thought he was reading TOO fast, but it turns out he just reads that fast.

He plans to start on the Harry Potter books next and after that he will jump into The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe series!

Will is only 7, just in case you forgot!

What are your kids reading? Are they reading traditionally or with a kindle!?

We had to get Will a Kindle, it’s faster to get books electronically than going to the library several times a week.

Do your kids have a kindle!?



Forget the iPad. Give me a book!


  1. That’s terrific, Priscilla, just wonderful. My grandson is 8. He reads a fair amount (in English and Spanish and a bit of French) but he’s no way a bookworm…yet (?). His usual preference is video stuff. You know me, though: writer and English teacher. I believe reading is the very best by-yourself mind development there is. I’d say you’re a smashing great mom. But we knew that! Way to go!
    Al Past´s last blog post ..Ana cooks fusion: Chinese/TexMex/Italian Fritatta!

  2. Shannon says:

    My son (almost 7) is also a bookworm. He recently read the 3 books in the My Father’s Dragon series and is on book 4 of the Boxcar Children series.

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