Trying to refocus

I’ve been in a “place” lately. I’m not sure what I mean when I say that but I can’t seem to get out of it and stay. I’m certainly not unhappy. I have so much to be happy about – 3 healthy children, a husband that provides far more than we need, and I’m fully recovered from my own ordeal.

Yes, I am frequently sad when I think my of my nephew but he doesn’t overtake my thoughts that often, I’m far too busy, but he’s always there, lingering.

I feel guilty for whatever this “place” is. It’s showing up in my every day.

It’s really awful when you don’t know HOW you are feeling or how to explain it.

I’m trying to work through it and figure it out. We have big changes happening, homeschool and preschool, and I need to refocus to make sure they succeed.




  1. It’s normal, m’dear: happens to all of us. For me, I haven’t written anything in weeks, though I’m thinking still. I know from experience that I’ll find the handle and get going again before long. So will you. Pauses like you’re having now are GOOD. Your subconscious is sorting things out. Give it time. Don’t worry about it; just keep thinking. It’ll clear up when you least expect it. I know you! I’m right!!
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  2. I usually suffer from the lack of focusing and concentrating on my job, but I think it is because of the heat nowadays…I just can’t sit on the room I usually spend my time in the backward under our tree. That’s pretty comfortable but I usually fall asleep instead of working….
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  3. There are days like these, when nothing valuable happens. Sometimes, it could be really nice just to hang out, without focusing. Sometimes, it is nice to be blurry:)
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